Ghost Malls in Chinese Mega-Cities

Major widespread shocks the economy! Difference before and after the outbreaks

Major widespread shocks the economy!

Coronavirus has been the major cause that caused widespread fear throughout the world in the last couple of weeks and major reason of Ghost Malls in Chinese Mega-Cities. Due to this contagious and deadly disease being diagnosed in hundreds of people worldwide, including the first one to be diagnosed in China, people are now staying inside their homes to be safe and to stop it from spreading furthermore.

Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are being diagnosed with this disease that has already taken the precious and innocent lives of hundreds of people. Due to this outbreak suspecting to spread due to various animals’ soup, the consumption of various animals and insects has been banned in China to stop this from spreading even more. Due to the fear factor of getting the disease, people have quarantined themselves in their homes and there has been about almost zero activity fabricating Ghost Malls In Chinese Mega-Cities.

Ghost Malls in Chinese Mega-Cities: Difference before and after the outbreaks

Due to the major outbreak of this epidemic, leisure activities such as shopping are completely seized, and a large number of shopping malls that are found in the major Chinese cities are dead commercially due to a limited amount of activity creating Ghost Malls In Chinese Mega-Cities.

Large numbers of franchises of major international companies have also closed In China due to a decreased number of sales as people are more concerned about saving their lives rather than visiting the now Ghost Malls In Chinese Mega-Cities. Large international companies that had about 20% of their worldwide sales in Greater China have undergone a huge aftershock.

Many huge companies have closed their supply chain stores due to a lack of sales. The once-busy megacities of China that used to be jam-packed with people are now a sight of desertion and there is a limited amount of traffic to be seen.

Due to this major outbreak, many airlines have stopped their flights to and from China to decrease the risk of its spread. A few flights are still going to China, but proper screening and blood tests are done to ensure the safety of other passengers and to halt the risk of an increase in the spread of this virus.

All over China, people are wearing protective gear such as surgical masks and N-95 respirators to ensure and protect themselves from contacting the coronavirus. Other health care measures are also being taken to provide relief from the symptoms which are associated with this virus as there is no vaccine discovered that can prevent or completely kill the virus. Schools, colleges and universities have been closed for an indefinite period and now the whole cities which used to be bustling with life are turned lifeless into ghost cities.

To run a somewhat smooth economy, the corporate banks and offices have shut down their offices and have asked the employees to work remotely from home, generating Ghost Malls In Chinese Mega-Cities. This is probably the largest work from home experiment in the world.

Due to the lack of working labor in major Chinese cities, there has been a very large shortage of groceries as there is no production, but a large number of consumption of items like instant noodles, toilet papers, rice, and hand Sanitizers. Supermarkets that used to have a large amount of the household necessities now have bare racks and items like aluminum foils can only be found in the local supermarkets.

The intercity subways which used to be full at every hour of the day are now empty, with only a couple of people on it wearing their protective gear as not to get infected by this contagious pathogen.

Due to the increased rate in the human toll of infected patients and mortality rate, people have enclosed themselves to their homes, and due to which restaurants and stores are struggling to keep their business afloat in Ghost Malls in Chinese Mega-Cities during this crisis.

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