Germany Bans to Burn EU and Other Flags

The Act Is Punishable By Up To Three Years of the Jail Sentence

Burning of Flag Is Punishable By Up To Three Years of the Jail Sentence

Germany bans to burn EU and other flags of countries publicly, and the act is now punishable by jail sentence for up to three years. The burning of flags publicly has been categorized under hate crime.  After the vote held in Germany parliament Bundestag, the burning of any foreign country’s flag will now be equivalent to burning the German flag, classifying the act under hate crime. The same punishment has will also be admissible for the European Union Anthem, the Ode to Joy theme by Beethoven.

Burning of flags in Germany

As the parliament of Germany bans to burn EU and other flags, this move was followed after Social Democrat (SPD) multiple complaints about several protestors burning and defiling the Israeli flag in Berlin sometime in 2017.

According to the Justice Minister and member of SPD Christine Lambrecht, after Germany bans to burn EU and other flags inside the country, burning of any country’s flag spark the wave of hatred, aggression, and anger along with hurting other people’s emotions and feelings. The public burning of flags provides no incentive in peaceful protests undergoing inside the country.

The law passed by the Bundestag, in which Germany bans to burn EU and other flags, also applies towards other acts for defilement for flags other than burning them publicly along with any attempts to do so.  Ripping up any foreign country’s flag in public, along with the public display of swastika and other symbols associated with Nazis, has also been completely banned.

After Germany bans to burn EU and other flags inside the country after classifying it as a hate crime, Alternate for Germany (AfD) has condemned this new act of law as excessive interference in artistic expression and freedom of speech.

The act of defilement of the Union Jack flag is not considered as a crime, but the government of France has made as to the desecration of the flag by punishment in the form of fine up to $ 8,000 or the time duration of six months jail time.

The government of Greece, Italy, and Spain has made passed laws that prevent the general population of the country from freely able to defile the national flag of their country as Germany bans to burn EU and other flags as the crime is equivalent to the defilement of the German flag.

After the decision has been made to extend the time limit of the law, a uniform criminal proceeding would be done after burning or the defilement of any foreign country’s flag and symbols of the European Union.

Coronavirus pandemic in Germany

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting every individual across the world as the number of confirmed coronavirus infected individual count has reached up to 4,602,900 out of which 307,135 people have died after being severely affected by the deadly pathogen.

The country of Germany is facing a critical situation, as the number of coronavirus infected cases is 175,386 in the country. Germany is one of the top ten countries which contain the most infected coronavirus patients in their country. 151,700 patients have been able to recover back to their optimum health level after suffering from the viral infection for a few weeks.

Even though the number of deaths in the country has reached to 7,951 due to COVID-19, multiple peaceful protests are being observed in the country amid coronavirus outbreak during which multiple foreign flags have been burned. Following these acts, the parliament of Germany bans to burn EU and other flags of the foreign country amid their protests across the country.

Across the country, 1,329 coronavirus cases are currently undergoing intensive care treatment in hospitals, which are mostly above and near the age of sixty, after which the autoimmune response of the body tends to decline.

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