Germany Bans Gathering Of More Than 2 to Stop Coronavirus

Non-Essential Movement Outside Home Is Restricted .

It is a need of time to ban gathering of more than 2 to stop coronavirus

As the COVID 19 cases have increased more than 345,000 globally, Germany bans gathering of more than 2 individuals to help prevent further spread of the novel coronavirus due to which 15, 300 have died worldwide since the virus’s first being detected in December last year. The initiative as Germany bans gathering of more than 2 is to contain social interaction and is a good and effective way to follow social distancing as compared to lockdown in the whole cities.

The reason behind shutdown of non-essential shops

All non-essential shops, including beauty salons, massage studios, malls, shops, and multiple other places which might attract crowds, are closed as Germany bans gathering of more than 2 people. Pharmacies and general stores are ordered to be open for the public as they contain the necessities of everyday life.

This decision as Germany bans gathering of more than 2 is imposed since Chancellor Angela Merkel has self-isolated herself inside her home after the doctor who vaccinated her for pneumococcus bacteria was later diagnosed with COVID 19. Chancellor Merkel is now under strict observation and will be working from home this week.

Germany bans gathering of more than 2 people as there have been more than 24, 000 confirmed cases of COVID 19 along with more than 100 deaths. Countries across Europe, including Italy, have been declared epicenter of the pandemic have strictly imposed social distancing measures along with city-wide lockdown as more than 5,000 people have died in Italy due to COVID 19, which is the highest number of deaths in a single area.

New rules

Families will be exempt from the rule as Germany bans gathering of more than 2, and this will be enforced with the help of German police. The agreement was formed after a meeting with the leaders of 16 states in Germany. These new set of rules will be in place for about two weeks. Germany bans gathering of more than 2 individuals across the country due to coronavirus outbreak would be one of the strictest rules imposed on any country on movement outside homes.

As movement outside the home is restricted, it will directly affect the country’s economy. People who earn daily wages, i.e., taxi and bus drivers, laborers, etc. will also be severely affected by this new set of rules. But this might be the necessary precautions taken by the country, which would help to limit the number of infected cases of COVID 19. Restaurants that previously were allowed to open seating service during the day are now only allowed to provide takeout and delivery services.

Corporate offices are still open as people are now allowed to step outside in fresh air for a few minutes. Exams can still take place as long as the distance between two individuals is more than four feet. Individuals are also allowed to leave home to visit the doctor or to go take care of relatives. This has also led to a plan to take a debt of tens of billions of Euros. This debt will be used to help companies survive, along with securing millions of jobs of individuals who would have been fired amid the coronavirus outbreak.

How to reduce further spread of COVID 19

As there is no proven vaccine or antidote regarding COVID 19, social distancing might be the only and viable option to reduce the number of infected patients, as hundreds of new confirmed cases is being reported across the world every minute. To counter this, the general population’s behavior might be the best antidote we have right now by reducing the amount of physical contact with other human beings that would reduce the transmission of the virus.

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