Gamers Can Now Play Games On Cinema Screens

South Korean Cinema Chain CGV Rented Screens for Two Hours with Starting Price Of $90

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Eui Jeong Lee, along with her three gamer friends, has been able to sit in an otherwise empty cinema having a 200 seating capacity and played a video game with the display on a large screen. She stated her experience, saying that the sound of gunshots fired during the game sounds real, and whenever some object of large size flew over towards her character in the game, she flinched and even screamed at some point as it felt like the thrown object might actually hit her, which is an experience that can only be encountered by playing video games with large enough screen size.

Large-sized view for video games

The controls for the games can easily be connected to the huge screen with the help of gamra wireless controller. The exceptional sound quality is one of the key factors which attracted gamers as the audio is loud enough as it comes from various speakers installed around the cinematic hall.

Ms. Lee, along with other gamer mates, has been able to hire the cinema screen for the duration of two hours at the branch of CGV, which is South Korea’s biggest chain for cinemas with numerous outlet locations across the country.

As nearly all cinemas have been shut down across the country as a preventive measure against the coronavirus pandemic, meanwhile the seating capacity for an auditorium has been reduced to the maximum amount of 50%, and far less amount of movies are being released across the world due to the stopping of productions.

This innovative idea by CGV is a new way to come up with revenues, which has drastically reduced due to the spread of COVID-19 infection since last year. All CVG cinema locations now offer to rent their various auditoriums to gamers that would allow the company to gain profit while the coronavirus restrictions are in place.

Before 6 pm in the evening, up to four gamers can hire a screen with a time limit of two hours, which would cost around $90. As time passes and night approaches, the price raises up to $135 for the same time duration. The gamers should have to bring their own games, controllers, and consoles alongside them when coming to rent the screen.

The spacious auditoriums that are being rented out having a seating capacity for 100 to 200 individuals, and by comparison, the movie tickets by CGV cinemas usually cost around $12 per person. So a 100 seat auditorium, when filled with a 50% capacity, would generate $600, and a 200 seat hall would provide $1,200 to the company when filled to a 50% amount. This is before the time when waters go out to buy their popcorns and drinks, which provide additional revenue to the firm.

Cinematic services for gamers

Although CGV isn’t making as much money from the gamers who hire their screens for limited time duration, this project is bringing some amount of additional revenue for the firm. This recent scheme has been named Azit-X by CGV and has been solely designed for gamers after the Korean word azit, which translates in English as a hideout.

The employee Seung Woo Han working at the firm CGV, came up with this new idea after one day he came to a realization that the concept for video games and films share multiple similarities. He stated that when he was thinking of ways to utilize the empty cinema hall spaces amid the coronavirus pandemic, he noticed that the video games offer excellent graphics and a well-developed storyline to the gamers, which is just like films. Both the things have an aspect of storytelling involved, due to which individuals are able to enjoy movies in a cinematic view, people like gamers might also be able to enjoy playing video games in one too.

Since this newly established service is being provided by CGV from the initial week of this year, the auditoriums across the country in various CGV cinemas have been booked so far for around 130 times. Although the majority of gamers that have obtained the services were men at the age of 30s or 40s, several families and couples have also utilized this resource to satisfy their inner gamer.

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