Game Console with Built-In Chicken Warmer Being Launched By KFC

Video Game Console Has Been Developed With Collaboration with Cooler Master

The global fast-food chain KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) has recently launched a game console that provides the capability of warming up chicken. The built-in warming chamber for placement of chicken that will allow it to keep it at a constant warm temperature that would help in keeping the chicken warm for some time, providing the user with ready to consume during intense gaming sessions while being at home.

Game console by KFC

The game console along with the facility of a chicken warmer in a built-in design has been developed by a global hardware manufacturing firm with collaboration with KFC and allows its users to play all top-level games on the KFC console, like any other gaming machines available in the market.

The unique design of the game console provides fast cooling system properties and consequently allows the heat that might be produced by the components of the machine during long-duration gaming sessions to store and utilized in a meaningful way. All the heat would be easily kept for a longer duration in an isolated chamber that would also act like a chicken warmer, without interrupting the smooth working of the video game console.

In the month of June, when the chicken warmer video game console was revealed to the public, numerous people thought that the KFC console acted as a hilarious imitating marketing strategy used by the fast-food firm.

According to the spokesman of the global fast-food chain KFC, the game console has the capability to run all specifications of top-level video games, and on top of that, it also keeps the meals warm for the user to enjoy for a pleasant gaming experience without much movement.

If any tech giant firm like Microsoft or Sony is thinking of developing a video game console and wants some tip for the engineering and manufacturing a chicken warmer chamber in the future, they are welcome any time to get in touch with the concerning officials. According to the fast-food chain firm, no details have been provided regarding the chicken warmer video game console, and the expected price of the KFC console is yet to be made public and is probable to be released alongside the public announcement for its release date.

In the month of February, during the initial time period of the spread of the coronavirus pandemic when the viral infection was isolated inside China, the KFC fast-food chain launched limited-edition shoes with a fried chicken bucket print that smells just like freshly fried chicken by a joint collaboration of Crocs and KFC.

Flagship entry

The advertising campaign for the KFConsole with built-in chicken warmer was initiated in the month of June and was able to gain more than 11 million views on the KFC Gaming page on the social media platform Twitter. Numerous people believed that the campaign for the video game console in just a spoof.

Later, the news was confirmed by KFC regarding their joint collaboration with the worldwide hardware manufacturing firm Cooler Master by which they are able to design and develop a game console with chicken warmer built inside the console in an attempt to utilize the heat generated by the machine’s components during usage.

The global fast-food provider KFC has also given the news that they went through several developmental stages and prototypes before the manufacturing of an actual working model that would be included with a custom-built outer casing made of insulating material, along with creating a uniquely designed cooling system while integrating the game console with a signature chicken warmer chamber.

Mr Cheevers stated that war of best video game console is a vicious challenge, although, despite it, he is very confident that his KFC console product would work as a flagship entry as their first-ever launched product in the gaming industry.

In the month of August, KFC stops using their slogan its ‘Finger Licking Good’ due to the current hygiene levels amid the coronavirus pandemic that has caused intense mortality rate across the country and has been diagnosed in every country around the world. The deadly viral infection has caused deaths of millions of people worldwide, while tens of millions of people have been diagnosed with the infectious pathogen globally.

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