Full Force of Covid in Europe Has Come: Warns Merkel

Implementation of Lockdowns for Unvaccinated Individuals Along with Tighter Restrictive Measures and Night-Time Curfews Might Begin

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It has been reported that there is an ongoing full force of Covid in Europe, as the fourth wave of coronavirus has spread throughout the country, according to Chancellor Angela Merkel, who conducted a meeting with all the regional leaders of the nation on the eve of the onset of a crisis.

The rate of infections over a daily basis has also hit a new record as the active cases of Covid in Europe, while Germany has reached 52,826 cases on Wednesday, as the government of Europe has responded to the sudden surge in the continent. It has been announced by Belgium that a series of restrictive measures are put in place in an attempt to curb the local transmission of infection, which would help avoid the initiation of lockdown.

The Prime Minister of the country, Alexander De Croo said that all the signals regarding Covid in Europe that are being received from alarms have turned red and has advised the general population to maintain a safe distance between personnel to limit contact. The entire map of Europe is turning red rapidly, as Covid in Germany and Belgium have started to spread rapidly due to the onset of cold weather.

The children present across Belgium are warned to wear face masks at all times, starting from age 10, rather than the previously given age of 12 years. The opportunity for working from own residence is likely to be become a compulsory measure from Saturday for the time duration of four days in a week. Passes are being introduced as Covid Safe Tickets, which will be required in museums, cinemas, and theaters.

Another third booster vaccine dose is going to be rolled out for all residents of Belgium by the end of the month of April in 2022 due to the sudden onset of the rapid spread of Covid in Europe.

Covid across European countries

The country of Austria has recently imposed a lockdown on an estimated number of two million individuals that are unvaccinated across the nation on Monday, has also reported a record number in the rate of daily infection cases on Wednesday. In the Netherlands, in which there is also a rise in the number of active cases for coronavirus, and a partial lockdown has been imposed to prevent further transmission of infection.

As the Covid in Europe is spreading at a faster rate, recently Sweden has introduced a pass for Covid vaccination which would be available from December 1 for the very first time that would be used for concerts along with other events that are held indoors and involving more than 100 individuals.

The Minister for Social Affairs Lena Hallengren said that those individuals that are still unvaccinated could not carry on with their daily outdoor routine like normal due to the recent rise in transmission of Covid in Europe, and the most important contribution that can do is to get administered with coronavirus vaccine.

The Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Andrej Babis, said that any person who has not yet been vaccinated would be banned from all access to public services or events. From Monday, only showing a negative Covid PCR test would not be enough.

The neighboring country of Slovakia, where a record number of 8,243 active coronavirus cases have been reported on Wednesday, is also making plans of similar nature as other countries due to the widespread of Covid in Europe. Workplaces, along with all non-essential shops, will only access individuals that have been vaccinated or people that have hard proof that they have fully recovered after being diagnosed with coronavirus infection, according to the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Eduard Heger.

Vaccination rate in Europe

The rates of vaccination currently vary throughout the continent during the ongoing wave of Covid in Europe. The take-up in Slovak is currently among some of the lowest in the European Union at 44%, while the rate of Czech Republic is at 58%, in Germany it is at 68%, and in Austria, the vaccination rate is at 65%.

Both the countries of Austria and Germany have reported long queues at the centers for vaccine administration but still have some of the lowest rates of take-up in the region of the western side of Europe.

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