Friends Trailer Reveals Seven Things About the Reunion

Several A-Star Celebrities Would Be Making Cameos, Including BTS, David Beckham, And Cara Delevigne

Seventeen years after the famous sitcom came to an end, a special episode of Friends named The One We’ve Been Waiting For is soon to be broadcasted across the world. The first trailer has been released by HBO Max for this extremely anticipated reunion of Friends, as all six main members would return for this special episode. Rather than filming a scripted episode for the reunion of Friends, the cast has come together for a completely unscripted chapter to reminisce regarding the time they had spent while filming for the show.

The details regarding its broadcast are yet to be revealed in the United Kingdom, although the announcement is suspected of coming in the following days. The most probably streaming service for the Friends broadcast would be Now, as it is reportedly observed to be the front-runner.

This special Friends reunion was originally set to be broadcasted in the previous year at the same time of the year as this, but due to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, it was delayed. According to David Schwimmer, this delay has provided more meaning to this reunion of Friends and would turn out to be a very meaningful performance for the fans across the world, as it would help in lifting people’s spirit during these hard times.

A teaser for the Friends reunion was released in the past week, but it did not have any clips or dialogues and only comprised of lingering shots of actors with their backs turned towards the cameras and the instrumental of the iconic theme song of Friends I’ll Be There For You.

A proper trailer has recently been launched, and it seems very promising.

Committed Celebrity Guests

There is an incredibly long list of A-star celebrities that would be making cameos during an hour-long special reunion episode of Friends, including BTS, Lady Gaga, David Beckham, Cindy Crawford, Mindy Kaling, and Justin Bieber.

Some of the fans might be worried that the involvement of multiple celebrity casts could mean that the reunion would possibly be chasing viral moments on social media at the expense of having quality time with the main cast after seventeen years.

Although, the producers of the show have been able to cleverly and smoothly weaved the guests in the episode.

In the trailer, several cameos of guests can be seen, including Cara Delevigne wearing the bright pink dress which Rachel wore as a bridesmaid dress in the episode names The One With Barry and Mindy’s Wedding. When Delevigne turns around, the dress is caught in her underwear, similar to the scene of the show as it happened with Rachel, which suggests that the episode has been produced with attention to detail.

Aged Cast members

As the show is having a reunion after almost two decades, several of the cast members have grey hair and wrinkles.

During the trailer, both Joey and Chandler are sitting on their reclining chairs, similar to the time when they spend the time watching Baywatch in the original Friends show. Now both looked like they actively require rest. This scene also features a cameo from the cuddle penguin owned by Joey, Hugsy.

Lightening Round

The Friends reunion episode features the six members doing multiple activities and games. The episode includes the actors sitting together and going over some of their favorite scenes, including the One Where Everyone Finds Out, which features the iconic dialogue of Lisa Kudrow shouting ‘My eyes! My eyes!

It has also included some live music by Lisa Kudrow as she was reunited with her acoustic guitar and would probably sing her famous song Smelly Cat.

The biggest highlight in the Friends reunion would be the trivia contest by Ross from the fourth season, where both the girls and boys fight to win who knows the others better, and a possible lightening round to settle the score in the end.

Expression of Chandler’s emotions

The character of Chandler suffered from expressing his emotions on the Friends show, due to which the writers when based an entire episode around it. The episode The One Where Chandler Can’t Cry shows the group being surprised as Chandler rarely shows his emotions to others, due to which Monica tried a few tricks to make him cry for a bit.

In reality, Matthew Perry has now issues while displaying his emotions.

Several support casts return

The Friends reunion episode features some of the highly anticipated supporting casts from the show, including Gunther, Monica, and Ross’s parents Judy and Jack, Rachel’s elder sister Jill, Monica’s ex-boyfriend Richard and Janice, as well as her nasally Oh. My. God.

Rachel and Ross were on a break

Even Jennifer Aniston is with this statement, along with the rest of the cast members, agreeing that both Rachel and Ross were on a break, therefore in technicality, it was right for Ross to have slept with the copy place girl. Well, except maybe Matt LeBlanc.

Courtney Cox struggling to learn her script

During the filming of the Friends show, Courtney Cox suffered massively to remember her lines from the script correctly during her scenes. During the trailer, when the cast revisited the apartment of Rachel and Monica, LeBlanc moved a fruit basket placed on the table and asked if Courtney still had her lines written on the table.

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