French Parliament Outlaws Sex With Children Aged Under 15

Romeo And Juliet Clause Would Protect Minor Having Intimate Relation with Individual Within 20 Years of Age

The French parliament has recently adopted new legislation on Thursday this week that characterizes the act of having sex with children which are under the age of 15 as a non-consensual rape and would be punishable by a sentence to jail for up to 20 years. This new law passed by the Parliament of France has taken the penal code of the country closer in line with multiple countries located in the west region of the world.

Previously, the age of consent in France was 15 years, due to which the prosecutors were required to provide evidential proof that the sex with the child was a non-consensual rape in order to obtain the conviction of rape from the judge on the case.

According to the Justice Minister of France Eric Dupond-Moretti, while he was telling the National Assembly stated that the legislation for increasing the age to have sex with children is a historic law for our society and our children.

None of the aggressors as an adult would be unable to claim the consent of a minor individual who is younger than the age of 15 years. The voting required to pass the law regarding having consensual sex with children was passed unanimously at the final hearing conducted on Thursday, which was also posted on Twitter by the National Assembly.

The passing of the bill regarding the consensual age to have sex with children has come after a series of scandals revolving around sexual abuse shook the entire country of France. According to the supporters for this cause, this would allow both the prosecutors to resolve both recent and historic cases regarding sexual abuse.

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, said that the government should enforce the bill as soon as it gets its final approval from the parliament.

Romeo and Juliet clause

In the past recent few years, there had been concerns on various occasions from several of the lawmakers of the country that the consensual age of children below which having sex with children would legally be called as constituted rape could also possibly criminalize the completely consensual intimate relationship between an individual who is only a few years older with a minor child.

Due to this possible consequence of the newly passed bill regarding the age limit to have sex with children in France, a clause named Romeo and Juliet has been instated in the legislation that would allow a minor to have sexual relationships with a person who is only an up to five years older than the minor child. The Romeo and Juliet clause would not be applicable in situations concerning sexual assault.

According to the legislation of France, the act of incestuous sex with a child under the age of 18 years is considered rape. France is the European country that has long cherished its status as the land of romance and seduction, although abuses of sexual manner against children and women have been occurring for the past multiple years throughout the country, which had gone by undeclared or undetected in the celebrity circles or upper echelons of individuals with power.

Changes in the self-image of France

But in the past recent few years, much amount of soul searching has occurred in France, allowing some changes to occur on a legislative position in an attempt to protect the general population from abuse and insinuated sex with children, as oppressors and criminals have gone free after conducting such heinous crimes.

The #MeToo movement that took the world by the storm after multiple females in the year 2017 were publicly able to accuse a major movie producer in the United States, Harvey Weinstein, of sexual assault, which later proved to be a turning point even in France. In the year 2020, a French writer who publicly stated his fetish of pedophilia resulted in the fall of the grace of the country and also prompted to pass a law for protection to have sex with children.

In the year 2018, the government of France had been able to toughen further the sex crime laws of the country when they were able to outlaw sexual harassment publicly on the streets while leaving other individuals like aggressive lecherous people and cat-callers to face potential fines on the spot.

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