France Shows Resistance about Idea of Getting Vaccine First By US

US Has Provided Millions of Dollars for Coronavirus Antidote Research

US Has Provided Millions of Dollars for Coronavirus Antidote Research

France shows resistance that it is unacceptable for its country’s multimillionaire company Sanofi to priority marketing in the United States, of the company is able to discover and manufacture large scales of COVID-19 antidote. According to the CEO of Sanofi, Paul Hudson, the government of the United States has the right to the massive pre-order because they had invested in for taking the risk. French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe had said that the accessibility for all is not negotiable.

Antidote for COVID-19

Multiple labs are working round the clock to discover a drug that could eliminate the COVID-19 virus from the bloodstream of the infected individual. The procedure to discover a new and viable drug takes several years to test and develop for the consumption of the masses.

France shows resistance as that government thinks that privileged access and provision of the antidote for COVID-19 for any country for financial reasons is unacceptable. The vaccine, when discovered, should be mass-manufactured so that every individual across the world can have easy access to it. A vaccine or antidote should not be used as a subject to marketplace forces.

In the early week of May, the European Union held an online summit conference to provide a boost for the coronavirus research program ongoing across the globe. The total amount of $ 8 billion was secured in the form of donations from 40 countries. The donation was then used as funding for the ongoing research on coronavirus antidote and treatments.

The summit was co-hosted by the United Kingdom, but Russia and the United States did not take part in the conference. As France shows resistance towards prioritizing of COVID-19 vaccine, the European Union has insisted that all countries will be provided with equal access to the coronavirus vaccine.

International collaboration for coronavirus vaccine

The coronavirus vaccine research being done at Sanofi is partly funded by the United States Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority. But in the previous recent years, Sanofi has received the total amount of tens of millions of Euros in the form of the tax credit from the government of France to help their research program, which is why France shows resistance in prioritizing the United States for the vaccine order.

It has been estimated that $163 million has been received by Sanofi in the form of the research tax credit, along with millions of dollars in the form of other tax credit. The chief of the French branch of Sanofi has said that the goal of their manufacturing is to provide the vaccine for coronavirus available in France, Europe, and the United States all at the same time. This would be possible only when people from both continents work efficiently.

United States government has pledged to spend multiple hundreds of millions of Euros for the timely providence of coronavirus antidote for the general population of their region as France shows resistance for prioritizing in the production and manufacture of coronavirus antidote drug for the United States.

There have been rumors regarding buying a biotech company called CureVac by the United States government. The company is also researching a possible vaccine for coronavirus. When asked, CureVac has insisted that there has been no attempt by the United States to buy the firm.

As the government of France shows resistance regarding the Sanofi’s board of directors has given all necessary assurance to the Prime Minister of France regarding the distributive events of the potential coronavirus vaccine.

In the last year, Sanofi has previously teamed with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) of the United Kingdom to jointly work on a vaccine for coronavirus, although clinical trials have not yet started. The company is using existing drugs and technology that have already been designed for the treatment of influenza for coronavirus vaccine.

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