France President Slapped in The Face

Incident Occurred During President Macron’s Visit in Southeast France To A Hotel School

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, has recently been slapped in the face during an official visit he did to the southeast region of France. In a video footage which is currently viral on all major social media platforms across the world with the caption of France President slapped in the face, President Macron can be clearly seen walking up to a barrier during his trip to the hotel Tain-l’Hermitage, which is located just outside the Valance city.

An individual came up to Emmanuel Macron and slapped him hard on the face before the security officers present around his could even react. Meanwhile, the President has immediately pulled away and secured by his personal security force.

Up till now, according to the nationwide French media outlets, two people have been arrested by the police department in the wake of this sudden incident. As the France President slapped in the face, the words shouted were ‘Down with Macron-ism’.

The incident occurred when President Macron was visiting the Drome region located in the southeast of France, where he was able to meet up with multiple restaurateurs along with students and discuss life which is returning back to a normal routine after the COVID-19 global pandemic.

In the video footage, which has currently gone viral all across the world on social media, President Emmanuel can be seen dressed in a white shirt and walking towards large crowds which contain his well-wishers and were standing behind a metal barricade that was set up to provide additional protection to him, but despite it, the French President slapped in the face by a man in the crowd wearing a green shirt, who got hold of the President as he reached out to greet him. As the man slapped the President of France, he was clearly heard shouting ‘A Bas La Macronie, ’ which is roughly translated as Down with Macronia.

Two guards from the security detail of President Macron got ahold of the man who slapped Mr. Macron, while others present around ushered him away.

After the France President slapped in the face, he still remained in the vicinity of the large crowd present to greet him for several more seconds and even talked to a person standing among the crowd. According to the presidential administration, this is classified as an attempt on the life to strike down Macron, but no further details have been provided.

Condemnation by Parliament members

All the politicians of the country have promptly condemned the incident of France President slapped in the face.

The Prime Minister of France Jean Castex has said to the national Assembly some time afterward the incident that while being provided with democracy in the country meant being able to make legitimate disagreement and allowed to debate on your behalf, but it must never mean in any case that violence, aggression has shown verbally and physical attacks on any individual are justifiable.

Jean-Luc Melenchon, the far-left leader, tweet on the social media platform that he is in solidarity with Emmanuel Macron immediately after the France President slapped in the face during his visit. The leader of the far-right Marine Le Pen has also publically condemned this action by posting on her social media, saying that meanwhile the debate of democracy can sometimes turn bitter, but could never tolerate any kind of physical abuse or violent activity, which was observed when France President slapped in the face while on his tour to the southeast region of the country.

Reduction in local transmission of COVID-19

The President of France is currently on tour throughout the country and had recently visited the hotel school located in Tain l-Hermitage. According to the officials working on this trip, President Macron’s visit to the local area was also set to continue for the next day on Tuesday, which also included a trip to a vocational institute made for 25 to 30-year-old individuals.

The visit of President Emmanuel Macron was on the eve of a massive step for the restaurants and bars located across France, which are now allowed to continue offering their indoor dine-in services to customers after being closed down for the last seven months. The overnight curfew timings for France have also been pushed back due to the reduction in the number of active confirmed COVID-19 cases, and now would be kept open till 23:00 from 21:00 from Wednesday.

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