Forest Fire Kills 19 Firefighters in China

More Than 2,000 Firefighters on Duty to Contain the Fire

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During controlling an uncontrollable fire in the Chinese Sichuan province, eighteen of the firefighters present to eliminate the fire died along with their guide after being trapped in the fire, which spread out due to a sudden change in wind direction on Tuesday morning. Forest fire kills 19 firefighters in China, which has now spread across 1,000 hectare area.

To control further spread of the fire, more than 2,000 firefighters, along with rescue workers have been sent into the area to eliminate the fire due to which around 1,200 people have to leave home to travel to safer areas.

How did the fire start?

Forest fire kills 19 firefighters in China, which was started on Monday at a local farm and was carried further till the nearby mountains by the strong winds. Due to the fire, heavy smoke filled clouds are drifting towards the nearby city of Xichang. This forest fire kills 19 firefighters in China, which were among a group comprising of 22 firefighters along with one guide who was a local farm worker.

Three firefighters were rescued from the site of the incident. This incident happened exactly one year before in another part of the Liangshan prefecture in the province of Sichuan, during which 30 firefighters lost their lives while trying to control the fire from further destroying the forest, which was caused by a lightning strike on a tree.

The forest fire kills 19 firefighters in China was still not be able to be contained by the rescue workers, even after the government of the area has deployed 2,044 firefighters along with volunteers to help contain the fire from further destroying the area. 4 helicopters, 142 fire trucks, 64 ambulances along with a satellite have been deployed to fight against the increasing fire.

With the help of the staff working at the site, more than 1,200 individuals have been safely evacuated from the forest. To help save lives of the local citizens, roads have been closed in Xichang by the local police department since early Tuesday morning as the forest fire kills 19 firefighters in China since the start of the fire.

Spread of the forest fire

The fire started on 3pm on Monday inside the Daying Farm and has now spread across the vast area of 1,000 hectors in just nine hours with the help of strong winds blowing in the area as forest fire kills 19 firefighters in China who died while trying to eliminate the fire from burning up the dense plantation.

The fire has completely destroyed more than 80 hectors of the forest and is coming close towards Xichang, threatening to eliminate a safety storage station that contains 250 tons of highly flammable petroleum, a couple of petrol stations, four schools, and the biggest warehouse facility of the city.

Forest fire kills 19 firefighters in China along with several warehouses. The rescue workers, along with firefighters, are now soaking haystacks in water to keep the fire from quickly burning through them along with makeshift pine fences. The other side of the fire is on its way towards burning up a local agricultural school in the city.

Forest fire kills 19 firefighters in China along with one guide; the local government has declared April 4th as the day to mourn the dead firefighters by halting all activities across the city along with all flags held at half-mast. A memorial service is scheduled to be held on the anniversary of the fire to mourn the brave firefighters who died this year and the previous year trying to save the lives of the local citizens.

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