Five Things the Military Can Do During Coronavirus Outbreak

Military Might Not Be the Solution to This Problem

If five things the military can do during coronavirus outbreak then military must be deployed

Coronavirus has plagued the world since its first case was diagnosed in China and has spread rather fast, even after all the preventive measures were applied. Globally over 345,000 people have been diagnosed with this virus since December 2019, and more than 13,000 individuals have died due to the pandemic.

The people who have died of this infection were not able to have proper funerals and are being transported contained in plastic bags, which will reduce the risk of further spread of COVID 19. There are at least five things the military can do during coronavirus outbreak.

Things Military is able to provide during the COVID 19 pandemic

As the number of coronavirus cases is increasing by the minute across the world, the public in multiple countries has pleaded to the government to provide military aid, which might help damper the chaos amid coronavirus outbreak. One of the five things the military can do during coronavirus outbreak is timely providing the resources to those placed who are currently suffering during the pandemic.

As Military workers have the required skill set to work during stressful times, if provided with the required medical supplies, they can be very helpful in providing additional support in the treatment of infected patients as one of the five things the military can do during coronavirus outbreak. This will help cope with the stress on the healthcare facilities throughout the country.

Five things the military can do during coronavirus outbreak include mobilization of the troop which has been made by the governors of at least 27 states in the US and have appointed 2,000 armed guards on active duty status along with air national guard to plan, in logistics and to prevent havoc that might arise due to the mental strain on the public during the pandemic.

State-level national guards are helping in releasing medical equipment, including face masks and N-95 respirators. Out of the five things the military can do during coronavirus outbreak is the deployment of hospital ships. Two naval military hospital ships have been sent to the west and east coasts to help the severely ill patients infected by COVID 19.

In places like Italy, the current epicenter where the pandemic has gone severely worse as compared to the rest of the world, Military trucks are being used for shipment of infected dead bodies as the death toll have increased from 4,000 and are being buried in graves at the outskirts of the cities, and the families are informed later to pay their respects.

The Defence Secretay of the US, Mark Esper, told the reporters that his department is prepared to offer 2,000 ventilators and 5,000,000 respirators to tackle the coronavirus outbreak along with medical labs for researchers to try and find the antidote for COVID 19. His reviews regarding military help are negative, saying that he thinks that calling the US military for help should be considered as a last resort against the pandemic.

How the military is not helpful in this situation

Even though there are more than five things the military can do during coronavirus outbreak, this response should be considered as a last choice in fighting against the pandemic. As the US military has launched its troops who will help in treating the civilians who are infected by the virus, they are not fully trained to tackle the situation, and things might disrupt.

There are also laws that prohibit the military from performing any law enforcement actions. As several military hospitals have been set up to provide care against COVID 19, those healthcare facilities do not have the proper equipment to deal with emergency situations should they arise during the course of treatment.

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