First Indigenous Case of Coronavirus in Amazon

20 Years Old Medical Worker Tests Positive for COVID 19

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First indigenous case of coronavirus in Amazon has been reported, which happened to 20 years old woman who lives in a village deep inside the Amazon rainforest. This is the first case that has been reported in Brazil among the 300 tribes which are residing in the area. This first indigenous case of coronavirus in Amazon forest is from the Kokama tribe that is in the district of Santo Antonio do Ia, which is located near the border with Colombia.

Coronavirus in the Amazonian district

After the first indigenous case of coronavirus in Amazon, four other cases of COVID 19 have been tested positive in the same district, which includes a doctor. The names of the infected individuals have not been made public. These confirmed cases of coronavirus are raising the fear as it could spread into vulnerable and remote areas of the world and could lead to devastating effects on the entire community.

According to the spokesperson of the area, the woman who is the first indigenous case of coronavirus in Amazon was a medical worker in the area and caught the infection from the doctor. She was the only health care worker to be tested positive for COVID 19 among 15 co-workers working in the same facility and several patients who were treated since the doctor got infected.

The doctor who helped further transmission of COVID 19 into the local population has recently come back from Brazil to work alongside the Tikunas tribe, the largest tribe of the rainforest, which includes more than 30,000 individuals.

The women who is considered the first indigenous case of coronavirus in Amazon has not displayed any symptoms of COVID 19 but is still under isolation along with her whole family from their close friends and loved ones for more than 10 days to reduce the risk of further spread of the virus in the community.

According to the Health experts, the spread of the virus in a Brazilian population of 850,000 could be lethal as they have been previously exterminated by numerous diseases over the century and does not have a proper isolation chamber for the infected individuals due to their communal ways of living including thatched ceilings which might increase the risk of further spread of COVID 19 into the Amazonian population. Safety health protocols have started being followed by the general population of the area to prevent themselves from COVID 19 after the report of the first indigenous case of coronavirus in Amazon rainforest.

Indigenous tribes in North and South America have been historically isolated and prevented from several diseases and do not have the immunity required to fight with the virus as compared to the rest of the world. Normally, whenever an indigenous leader returns from a trip overseas, they are kept in quarantine for an estimated time period of two weeks that helps avoid them bring any outside disease with them in their communities.

Coronavirus update across the world

The number of infected individuals up to date is continuously increasing and has surpassed 1,000,168 people across the world since it was first diagnosed in December last year. Due to the pandemic, more than 52,000 individuals have lost their lives in around 204 countries and territories across the globe. The recovery rate is also increasing daily and has reached 210, 191 until now, as 95% of the infected patients are getting fully revered back to their optimum health.

The largest numbers of COVID 19 cases are being reported in the United States as the numbers have reached 235,747 out of which 5,620 innocent lives have been lost to the pandemic which is plaguing the world. The massive surge in the number of cases along with death toll was seen since March 10.

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