Firing as Warning Shots at Protest in Kabul by Taliban

Protests Provide the Largest Challenge to The Authority of The Taliban in Kabul, As They Include Direct and Bold Criticism of The Group

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The Taliban fired warning shots in an attempt to disperse a large crowd that had formed during a protest which was being conducted in the capital city of Afghanistan, Kabul. Evidential video footage of the live scene had shown numerous individuals running to save their lives, while heavy gunfire caused by live ammunition can be clearly heard in the background.

There had been hundreds of public demonstrators present in the streets for the protest, which was conducted on Tuesday to publicly denounce the rule of the Taliban, along with demanding for the rights of women in the region.

Rights and safety of Afghan women

The protestors have also chanted slogans of anti-Pakistan, soon after which the Taliban fired warning shots for them to immediately disperse, as many of the residents of Afghanistan currently believe that their neighboring country is in support of the Taliban, which has been denied by the government of the nation.

Video footage has surfaced in which it can be clearly seen that the fighters of the Taliban forces had fired their arm with live ammunition into the air, which is a move that has been banned by the group in the previous week after it has been reported that several individuals had been killed after a celebratory aerial firing.

As the Taliban fired warning shots at the civilian’s protestors, the guards present outside a nearby bank had immediately opened their car park located at basement level to dozens of unprotected females who were able to gain shelter from the gunfire outside, which lasted for about 20 minutes.

Some of the journalists that were present at the rally were prevented from any kind of filming at the site. The news agency of Afghanistan, Tolo, had reported that the cameraman for the channel had been arrested and had been held in detention by the Taliban for about three hours after the Taliban fired warning shots to disperse the crowd at the site.

One of the former officials for the Afghan government had stated that the members of the Taliban had been taking close-up shots of some of the leading members during the recent protest, which would possibly be used later to identify them.

There had been multiple protests that had been conducted by women in the previous week, but on Tuesday during which the Taliban fired warning shots for all present individuals to disband, the men of the country had also taken part for the safety and equality of women that are currently residing in Afghanistan. Various comments have been given by multiple observers, most of which confirmed that there had been a small number of men present during previously conducted public demonstrations in the past week, which had been led forward by women.

Angry women protestors

The protestors can be heard chanting ‘long live the resistance’ along with ‘death to Pakistan’ as they march along. The anger is majorly directed towards Pakistan, as it is alleged that the sir force of Pakistan had played a major role in the bombing of Panjshir, the province in which the Afghan resistance had been trying to hold out against the forces of the Taliban. Although all claimed had been dismissed by the government of Pakistan, but it had been observed that they had been supporting the insurgency by the Taliban for a long time.

One of the women present at the protest said that the Islamic government is currently shooting directly at the poor people of our country before the Taliban fired warning shots at protestors.

Another one of the protestors said that the women of Afghanistan want their nation to become free. They want their nation to rebuild its infrastructure. The women are tired and want all of the citizens of the country to be able to live their lives as normal in the country. But it is not possible due to the current situation they are in, caused majorly by the Taliban.

The recent public demonstration, during which Taliban fired warning shots at innocent civilians without any cause, has come one day after the leader of the anti-Taliban fighting group in the Panjshir Valley of Afghanistan, Ahmad Massoud, had called for a nationwide uprising by the civilians of the country against the militant forces.

Many of the protestors have shown their support for the resistance group, who said that they are currently still fighting against the Taliban forces that are present in the Panjshir province. On Monday, the Taliban has claimed to have gained victory in the province, which had been the final territory that had remained outside of their ruling over the country.

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