Fighting Rooster Killed a Policeman in Philippines

Lieutenant Died Within A Few Minutes Due To Femoral Artery Bleed-Out

Lieutenant Died Within A Few Minutes Due To Femoral Artery Bleed-Out

A police officer in Philippines was unintentionally killed by a fighting rooster during a police raid while an illegitimate cockfight was happening in the Northern Samar region of the country. The police Lieutenant Christine Bolok got critically injured by the fighting rooster’s gaff, which is an extremely sharp razor blade made of steel that is usually attacked with the legs of the fighting rooster to help dominate their opposing partner during the combat.

Cockfighting is a very common and popular sport played in the archipelago, during which large sums of money is bet on the outcome of the fight between the two enraged fighting roosters. The fight often ends when one rooster is able to severely damage the other rooster, which then ultimately dies. The sharp steel blades placed on the legs of the fighting rooster acts as a lethal weapon to conflict damaging injuries to its opponent.

Rooster fighting in Philippines

Due to the coronavirus pandemic spread across the country, cockfighting has been completely banned from limiting and preventing further transmission of infection in close proximity. Before the start of the coronavirus infection outbreak, cockfighting in the Philippines was only allowed to be conducted in specially licensed cockpits only on Sunday or any other legal holiday.

According to the local government, the exception has been made during local festivals and fiestas, which lasted for maximum 3 days.

For taking part and organizing the cockfighting ring, which has been termed as an illegal activity to prevent further transmission of coronavirus infection during the pandemic, three individuals have been arrested by the local police force along with seven fighting roosters.

During the raid, two pairs of gaff were also taken as evidence as they were generally used during fights, and confiscation of 550 Philippines Pesos was also done at the crime scene, which is equivalent to $11. The other three suspects involved in the cockfighting ring are still at large as they were able to run away before the police raid.

The sport of cockfighting is very popular across Philippines, but since the coronavirus spread, the fights occur in far-off places to prevent being caught by the local police department. The fighting rings are usually able to gather immense large crowds in small, enclosed spaces that are typically present to place bets on the outcome of the deadly combat between the fighting roosters.

Death of police officer during the raid

The sharp steel blade attached to the fighting rooster accidentally made a very deep laceration on Lieutenant Bolok’s left thigh while he was trying to capture the scattered evidence across the scene of the cockfighting ring, which sliced through his left femoral artery due to which he bled out in a matter of minutes.

The officer was immediately rushed to the nearest medical facility for emergency treatment but was declared to be dead as soon as they reached the hospital due to excessive blood loss and hypoxia.

During a press conference, the provincial chief of Police Colonel Arnel Apud stated that Lieutenant Bolok suffered from a very unfortunate accident during a normal police raid, and the incident was an unexplainable piece of bad luck that happened to the hard-working police officer by a fighting rooster unintentionally.

Colonel Apud also said that he could not believe the report when he initially heard the news regarding the death of his fellow officer by the mistake of a fighting rooster. This is the first time in his 25 year career that he heard that a man died due to a spur made during illegal cockfighting. He has also sent this deepest sympathy to the family of the dead Lieutenant.

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