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The fantasy novel series, Harry Potter is one of the most popular fiction book series to be known worldwide. Written by J. K. Rowling, the story follows the lives of a young orphan child who was invited to study in a schooling institute where magic is taught after being bullied for several years by his uncle Vernon and his family. Apart from Harry Potter being the main character of the show, his two best friends Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley, are also thoroughly followed and described in this seven-book length series.

The Character of Hermione Granger

Being an overall hero and a good person in the book series, Hermione Granger was depicted as an exceptionally bright study, which almost new every answer to the question asked by the teacher. Even though the character of Hermione Granger was well-liked by all readers and numerous individuals look upon her character as she stands up with she believes, she made several mistakes throughout the course of the novel series, making some people question her judgment.

Hermione comes from a Muggle family that does not have magical blood within them. When she was invited to study wizardry at Hogwarts, she was initially bullied for her status as a mud-blood for which she fought and made up with her exceptional skills and impressive study record.

Blunders by Hermione Granger

There are several mistakes made by the character of Hermione Granger throughout the Harry Potter series, giving her fictional character a humanized perspective. One of the mistakes made by Hermione was obliviating her parents before she left her home to travel with Harry and Ron to find and destroy the remaining Horcruxes made by the Dark Lord Voldemort.

Although it is not a mistake, it contributes to a major factor that later changed her life. Hermione Granger removed all memories of her since her birth from her parent’s mind to protect their lives, for which she was traumatized later.

The behavior of Hermione Granger towards her classmate Luna Lovegood was not much appreciated by the readers. The character Hermione is strongly dependent upon logical explanations and factual information, and Luna was someone who was very illogical and fanciful, which makes sense regarding Hermione’s behavior towards her.

During the summer vacations before starting the 5th semester at the wizarding school of Hogwarts, Harry was unable to get any information for several weeks regarding the wizarding world due to the ill-treatment of the Dursley family, due to which he was slowly starting to lose his mind for being desperate for any information.

During the period, neither Hermione nor Ron provides any information to him as per Dumbledore’s instruction. Fans criticized that Hermione Granger could have tried a little harder to help and support her best friend.

Hermione Granger was the type of student that strictly follows the guidelines and rules provided by Hogwarts and were completely against violating any ground rules. During the course of the seven-book series, she broke multiple regulations placed by Dumbledore in order to protect the people she cares about or to fight against the evil Dark Lord.

In some scenarios, she also broke the rules for less important reasons if it suits her. Due to this, the character of Hermione Granger rather comes off as hypocritical, making it hard for people to take her seriously.

During the fourth book, when Harry receives the Firebolt from an anonymous benefactor, Hermione Granger became worried and said Professor McGonagall. Even though she was upset, it was not her rightful place to meddle in someone else matters and had a negative impact on her relationship with both Ron and Harry.

In the sixth book of the series, when Harry finds the diary of the Half-Blood Prince, he became able to successfully brew complicated potions after following through the extra guidelines scribbled in the margin of the book, which was actually written by Professor Snape. Hermione Granger, being the best at everything, became upset ad jealous of Harry due to it.

The string desire of Hermione Granger to help the house-elves working inside Hogwarts were a noble and admiring decision on her side and tried to trick them into being free without their own consent, which is against respecting their autonomy.

During the trials for the Quidditch Keeper, Hermione confounded Cormac McLaggen, due to which he was unable to qualify, which allowed Ron to get the position of the Keeper in the upcoming match. Although the decision leads towards a positive overall outcome in their favor, the act illustrates the hypocrisy of the Hermione Grange for violation of rules and principles.

During the course of their relationship, Ronald Weasley made several mistakes with Hermione, often being very jealous and rude. When Ron made out with her classmate Lavender, Hermione got hurt and tried to physically attack Ron with magically conjured birds.

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US Coronavirus Cases Have Reached Record High amid a New Wave of Infection https://dailyfactline.com/new-wave-of-infection/ https://dailyfactline.com/new-wave-of-infection/#respond Mon, 26 Oct 2020 06:51:59 +0000 https://dailyfactline.com/?p=2180 US Coronavirus Cases Have Reached Record High amid a New Wave of InfectionOver the past week, a new wave of infection has caused 441,541 new coronavirus patient be diagnosed, which is the largest number of cases detected since July in the US. ]]> US Coronavirus Cases Have Reached Record High amid a New Wave of Infection

The number of coronavirus cases in the United States has reached a daily record high as multiple states are struggling with a new wave of infection. According to the data collected from the local health authorities of the states, 83,010 new confirmed coronavirus cases have been diagnosed on Friday.

The number of individuals being hospitalized due to the extreme severity of the viral infection has begun to rapidly increase due to the new wave of infection, but the mortality rate of the coronavirus in the United States has started to decline due to better patient healthcare services.

The decline in the coronavirus mortality rate amid the new wave of infection is being observed due to the approval of using COVID-19 diagnosed patients in a clinical trial to test various vaccines made by pharmaceutical companies like Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca.

The World Health Organization has issued a public warning to the countries located in the Northern Hemisphere of being at a critical juncture due to the coronavirus new wave of infection transmission.

Spread of coronavirus in the United States

Since the coronavirus was first diagnosed in the United States, around 8.5 million individuals have been directly affected by the viral infection. The number of daily diagnosed infection rate has increased dramatically on Friday, as more than 6,000 new coronavirus cases were detected than the previously daily made a record of 76,842 diagnosed on July 17.

Over the past week, the new wave of infection has caused 441,541 new coronavirus patient to be diagnosed, which is the largest number of cases detected since the end week of July in the United States.

In the last six days, due to the new wave of infection, the number of deaths caused by the coronavirus has also increased. The tally is still under the peak of mortality rate with 2,000 deaths per day was observed in the initial period of the rapid escalation of transmission of coronavirus infection in the month of April.

41,485 coronavirus patients have been admitted to hospitals and medical centers to provide treatment for coronavirus due to the new wave of infection. The current rate of hospital admission has now reached the highest point since August.

The number of coronavirus cases diagnosed on Friday has not yet been released by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention by on Thursday, 74,380 cases have been detected across the United States amid the new wave of infection, which is expected to further rise in the upcoming colder months.

Most affected states in the US due to COVID-19

The most hard-hit states across the United States from the coronavirus pandemic are located in the Midwest region of the country, with most of the number of cases being reported in Wisconsin, Montana, and North Dakota. Due to the new wave of infection, Ohio has recorded the worst daily record for the newly confirmed coronavirus patient while being a key location in the upcoming presidential elections.

Other regions like Indiana and Illinois have also recorded daily escalation in the number of coronavirus cases on Friday. In the Southwest region of the country, Utah has also recorded a severe rise in the virus spread amid a new wave of infection, due to which 21 counties have implemented the compulsory use of face masks when traveling outside of the home.

The coronavirus spread had a negative impact on the capacity of locally located hospitals. In the past several weeks, all hospitals were able to provide quality treatment to coronavirus and non-coronavirus patients that visited the health facility, but since the new wave of infection, the quality of the services has reached an endpoint.

In the general public does not strictly follow social distancing measures and usage of face mask; the healthcare facilities would be unable to provide quality care to any individual who requires it to save their lives.

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FDA Approves Expensive Antiviral Drug Remdesivir as COVID-19 Treatment https://dailyfactline.com/fda-approves-expensive-antiviral-drug-remdesivir-as-covid-19-treatment/ https://dailyfactline.com/fda-approves-expensive-antiviral-drug-remdesivir-as-covid-19-treatment/#respond Sat, 24 Oct 2020 08:10:25 +0000 https://dailyfactline.com/?p=2177 FDA Approves Expensive Antiviral Drug Remdesivir as COVID-19 TreatmentThe antiviral medication Remdesivir as COVID-19 treatment is given to the patient intravenously with an oxygen supplement during their treatment and it acts faster.]]> FDA Approves Expensive Antiviral Drug Remdesivir as COVID-19 Treatment

The United States Food and Drug Association has provided approval to Gilead Sciences for the mass distribution of their antiviral drug Remdesivir as COVID-19 treatment, which would help limit and prevent further transmission of the deadly viral pathogen.

The drug was previously only allowed to be used for human consumption in emergency cases and now has governmental authorization for the supply that guarantees a massive profit for the pharmaceutical company amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Approval of Remdesivir to limit coronavirus

The drug Remdesivir as COVID-19 treatment, is the first product to have official approval in the United States to be sold after the announced made by the Food and Drug Association on Thursday.

This new decision has been taken after the antiviral drug Remdesivir as COVID-19 treatment was already allowed to be used in a specified life-threatening condition in the month of May, and only doctors in control hospital environment were allowed to prescribe the medication with periodic monitoring of the patient.

Gilead has issued a public notice confirming the approval of Remdesivir as COVID-19 treatment, but the drug will only be provided to those patients that require monitoring and hospitalization due to the severity of the coronavirus infection, which suggests that the official approval for the drug will not have much effect on its recommendation and usage for treatment.

The antiviral medication Remdesivir as COVID-19 treatment is given to the patient intravenously, due to which it acts faster and helps reduce the time duration of the effecting illness to some of the hospitalized patients, particularly those individuals who have received an oxygen supplement during their treatment.

Even though Remdesivir has been approved for consumption by COVID-19 patients, there is no indication of the drug that it could potentially increase the chances of survival after suffering from rigorous symptoms of the deadly infection.

Human trials for Remdesivir

After the official authorization of the FDA regarding usage of Remdesivir as COVID-19 treatment, several human clinical trials have begun in which Remdesivir is now being used in combination with multiple other drugs. This includes medication used for antibody treatments, like the one which has been recently received by the United States President Donald Trump during his time of hospitalization when he was diagnosed with the coronavirus infection.

Remdesivir, as COVID-19 treatment, was initiated developed to be used as a treatment for the Ebola virus, although the drug later failed to combat the deadly virus but has been classified safe for human mass consumption. Remdesivir basically provides treatment against viral diseases by providing interference during the reproductive phase of the virus.

Unlike several other drugs that have not been approved by the FDA for public use as a treatment against the rapidly spreading coronavirus pandemic, which also includes anti-malarial drugs hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, Remdesivir as COVID-19 treatment drug is quite expensive.

The price for a five-day course of Remdesivir is $3,120. The announcement of the increased cost previously had a public outcry in the month of June, as numerous people residing in the United States lost their health insurance policy after been removed from their respective job positions caused by the economic instability and recession amid the initial months of the coronavirus pandemic.

Many American citizens are unable to get medical care by using Remdesivir as COVID-19 treatment due to its expensive price range for only a few day remedial courses.

WHO claims against Remdesivir

The World Health Organization has claimed that the antiviral medication Remdesivir as COVID-19 treatment has inconsistent results, suggesting that the drug provides no help to the human body to fight against the coronavirus infection. The WHO funded a study to test four main antiviral drugs, which contain hydroxychloroquine and Remdesivir. The study included about 11,000 coronavirus infection patients across 30 countries.

The results for the research study concluded that all four do provide little to no effect on the mortality rate, requirement for continuous oxygen supply, and hospital stay days of the infected individuals. The developer of Remdesivir, Gilead Sciences, has denied all claims, stating that they have reliable test results for the drug.

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Russia and Iran Have USA Voter Information: FBI https://dailyfactline.com/russia-and-iran-have-usa-voter-information-fbi/ https://dailyfactline.com/russia-and-iran-have-usa-voter-information-fbi/#respond Fri, 23 Oct 2020 10:25:10 +0000 https://dailyfactline.com/?p=2174 Russia and Iran Have USA Voter InformationRussia and Iran have denied claims associated with illegitimately obtaining personal voter information from the United States to interfere in the upcoming elections.]]> Russia and Iran Have USA Voter Information

The United States national security stated that Iran is being accused and held responsible for sending intimidating emails to all democratic voters a few weeks before the commencement of the presidential election 2020 in the month of November.

According to the Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, the main sources from which these emails have been received is a pro-Trump group and were used to incite civil unrest across the country before the presidential elections. He also stated that the officials from the United States were able to found that Russia and Iran have been able to obtain some sensitive voter information from the country’s database.

Accusations against Russia and Iran

Both Russia and Iran have denied all claims associated with illegitimately obtaining personal data and voter information from the United States along with any interference in the upcoming elections.

The foreign ministry’s spokesman of Iran located in the United States gave a public statement, stating that the false and baseless claims made by the United States regarding illegally obtaining voter information have been strongly rejected by the Iranian government and has also been sent over to the Swiss ambassador.

He also added that Iran has no interest in the outcome of the upcoming presidential elections in America. The Swiss ambassador is in alliance with the interest of the United States in Tehran.

Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman from the Kremlin, denied all claims of getting US voter information and said that this accusation which has been made by the United States in Russia is an unfortunate incident.

Multiple accusations like these tend to come after a few days and are completely baseless and groundless. It could be suggested that there was some sort of an internal political issue in connection with the 2020 presidential elections.

Claims to cause civil unrest, confusion, and chaos among voters

The sudden decision of john Ratcliffe to hold a public briefing regarding the acquiring of private voter information in close proximity to the presidential election of this year could be seen as a testament regarding the escalating concerns of the government over illegitimate interference during the voting procedure and disinformation campaigns from any actor located overseas.

The chief of intelligence said that the trick email of Iran is regarded violation of voter information which has been sent by the pro-Trump group called Proud Boys in regard to threaten voters, initiate civil unrest, and damage the integrity of President Donald Trump.

He also stated that the violated sensitive voter information would be used to communicate counterfeit data to the registered voters to sow chaos and confusion along with undermining the confidence of voters in the democracy of the United States.

According to Ratcliffe, the same course of action has not been taken by Russia like Iran, but they are positive that they also have some sensitive voter information obtained from the United States database.

In multiple states across the country, voter information can be obtained upon request to the designated department, but every state has a different set of requirements for requesting voter information, which parts of the data are allowed to be made public, and the steps of how the voter information could be potentially used.

A public notice has been sent to all voters saying that if any individual receives an email that contains manipulative or intimidating content, the person should not be alarmed or further publicize or spread the email.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s director also joined by John Ratcliffe during the press conference. He assured the public that the upcoming presidential elections would be completely protected and resilient.

All voters should be confident that their vote would be counted. Any early claim which might suggest otherwise should be viewed with a healthy measure of skepticism.

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Cathay Pacific Cut Off Regional Carrier Airline and 8,500 Jobs https://dailyfactline.com/cathay-pacific-cut-off-regional-carrier-airline-and-8500-jobs/ https://dailyfactline.com/cathay-pacific-cut-off-regional-carrier-airline-and-8500-jobs/#respond Thu, 22 Oct 2020 09:15:54 +0000 https://dailyfactline.com/?p=2170 Cathay Pacific Cut Off Regional Carrier Airline and 8,500 JobsSeveral cutbacks have been made by the Cathay Pacific in an attempt to reduce the escalating cost of travel amid the restrictive travel measures applied globally.]]> Cathay Pacific Cut Off Regional Carrier Airline and 8,500 Jobs

Due to the major economic instability caused by the coronavirus pandemic this year, the major East Asian airline Cathay Pacific has recently announced to completely shut down its subsidiary airline called Cathay Dragon, along with removing 8,500 jobs from their parent airline.

The Cathay Dragon, formerly known as Dragonair, is a regional airline mainly operating in various parts of China, Hong Kong, and other Asian countries located in the region. Cathay Pacific, the Hong Kong-based international airline, stated that they hope to retain most of the routes followed by Cathay Dragon after the regional airline’s elimination.

Shut down of Cathay Dragon

The Dragonair was initially started with the financial help of both mainland Chinese and Hong Kong investors. The initial routes followed by the regional carrier were charter flights to and from China and with some other major cities located in East Asia. In the year 1990, 5 years after the regional airline’s formation, Cathay Pacific acquired the stakes in the airline and, later in 2006, bought the complete shares for Dragonair, naming it to Cathay Dragon.

Multiple other airlines across the world have suffered from major financial instability due to the coronavirus pandemic, which caused shut down of the international borders of numerous countries across the world to prevent further transmission of infection.

Several cutbacks have been made by the Cathay Pacific in an attempt to reduce the escalating cost of travel amid the restrictive travel measures applied globally by the respective nation’s governments.

According to the Cathay Pacific, they have already tried to reduce major costs by postponing the deliveries of aircraft, by implementation of exceptional leave strategies, and removing executive payments. Cathay Pacific was also able to receive a handsome payment of US$5 billion assistance from the government of Hong Kong in the month of June.

Even after the bailout and some stability of the economic status of Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific is still losing around $260 million per month due to which the international airline decided to shut down its regional carrier flyer Cathay Dragon.

The parent international airline business Cathay Pacific along with their budget airline Hong Kong Express will now take over the routes which were previously used by the Cathay Dragon across East Asia.

The firm’s Chairman gave a public statement in which they stated that the firm will now currently focus on one single airline, which is their premium full-service carrier airline, Cathay Pacific, along with their single low-cost leisure brand Hong Kong Express.

Cutback on Jobs

Although the entire reconstruction cost would be around $284 million, Cathay Pacific stated that it would eventually reduce the monthly cost by $64 million in the upcoming year of 2021.

A total number of 8,500 jobs would be removed from the international airline, most of which will be from their headquarters located in Hong Kong, from which 5,300 working staff would be sent home, and further 600 individuals would be removed from their positions in overseas office locations.

2,400 job spaces are currently unfulfilled due to the hiring freeze by the airline and shutdown of some of the operations located overseas. The upcoming job losses will account for about 24% of the total working staff of the Cathay Pacific airline.

The premium international airline will also be asking the working cockpit crew and cabin crew staff to be in agreement with the multiple changes being done in their terms and conditions for employment, which will match the remuneration much more strictly to efficiency and productivity.

Cathay Pacific said this week that they are expected to function their airline at 50% capacity through the next year due to the financial unsteadiness caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The crisis for the international airline is massive, and the recovery phase for it would be time-consuming and over a long duration, and is not what was being expected previous few months ago.

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Lockdown Is the First Step, Not a Solution https://dailyfactline.com/lockdown-is-the-first-step-not-a-solution/ https://dailyfactline.com/lockdown-is-the-first-step-not-a-solution/#respond Wed, 21 Oct 2020 14:54:16 +0000 https://dailyfactline.com/?p=2165 Lockdown Is the First Step, Not a SolutionThe particular proficient ability of China to reduce the lockdown limit was of tracking and tracing of all potential coronavirus cases across the nation quickly.]]> Lockdown Is the First Step, Not a Solution

A rapid new surge of coronavirus is being experienced in various locations across Europe, due to which their respective governments are implementing lockdown and other protective measures nationwide to prevent further transmission of the infectious pathogen that could potentially disturb the unstable economy.

It is expected that the new coronavirus cases will rise further in the upcoming winter months, during which another possible lockdown is expected to curb the local transmission of the virus.

On Monday, China publically posted their increasing positive economic growth in the second quarter for two consecutive rows. This signifies that even after suffering from the worst effects of the coronavirus pandemic, the world’s second-largest economy is able to recover in a positive way.

This success of the country’s financial system has been done after the nation’s successful experimentation for allowing domestic mass travel, which has been done as millions of individuals crossed China for the national holiday of Golden Week.

Most people across Europe believe that China was able to reduce the effects of deadly coronavirus from the nation by implementing a very strict lockdown for 76 consecutive days in the region surrounding the city of Wuhan, the central city of China in which the first traces of coronavirus was diagnosed in the city’s seafood market in November last year.

Other cities in China did not suffer from the same tough lockdown restriction; only precautionary measures were implemented.  Only in major cities of China were observed to be under lockdown to prevent local transmission of infection.

The ability of China to have successfully able to manage and control the increasing threat of coronavirus pandemic was not only due to the early effective controlling measures, but also the ability to rapidly and efficiently handles issues after the mass population was allowed to resume their daily activities across the cities of China.

The particular proficient ability of China to reduce the lockdown limit was of tracking and tracing of all potential coronavirus cases across the nation, which was done quickly after a possible surge of local infection cluster, was observed by the government, after which the local epidemic control units were brought to eradicate the patient to a safe environment.

The government of China provided its general population with a color-coded health code system, which allowed all individuals to be tracked via GPS. A green-colored bill of health, along with its QR code, was required to enter several business areas, which ensured that most individuals in the designated area are completely following through with the adopted measures that allow the government to efficiently track those areas which have suffered from a localized coronavirus outbreak.

By using these measures, the regional government was able to quickly initiate a lockdown in the area and conduct mass testing for the infectious pathogen. In the city of Qingdao, 10 million individuals were tested for the coronavirus infection in a single week; rapid measures which were taken after 12 individuals were diagnosed with the COVID-19 in the locality.

Possibility of increase of new coronavirus cases in winter

In an instance of an outbreak in China, public transport could be halted and restricted as strict monitoring is being done in all areas due to a possible new wave of coronavirus in the upcoming colder months along with the treat of another strict lockdown. Entry inside China from any other country abroad have also been restricted, along with implementing strict quarantine preventive measure soon after arrival.

The containment of the coronavirus pandemic is being assisted by widespread use of face masks and regulation of public hand hygiene, which is being strictly done by the Chinese police authorities, while the measures are also being promoted by several propaganda campaigns across the country to prevent another nationwide lockdown.

The people across Asia are more compliant towards the preventive measures imposed to limit and prevent further transmission of the coronavirus infection as compared to Europe or America, as they have previously suffered through the same outbreak of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) in 2003 during which numerous people lost their lives.

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Italy Tightens Restrictions amid Surge in Coronavirus Cases https://dailyfactline.com/italy-tightens-restrictions-amid-a-surge-in-coronavirus-cases/ https://dailyfactline.com/italy-tightens-restrictions-amid-a-surge-in-coronavirus-cases/#respond Tue, 20 Oct 2020 09:16:32 +0000 https://dailyfactline.com/?p=2162 Italy Tightens Restrictions amid a Surge in Coronavirus CasesItaly has now recorded to have diagnosed over 414,000 coronavirus cases, out of which 36,500 has died after suffering from severe symptoms of the infection.]]> Italy Tightens Restrictions amid a Surge in Coronavirus Cases

The Italian government has announced new restrictions over the general population of the country after a surge of new coronavirus cases were observed in the region. The Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte, gave a public statement while wearing a face mask, during which he stated that these new sets of preventive measures implemented over the public is being done to prevent another nationwide lockdown which has already caused the economic recession.

Coronavirus spread across Italy

The local mayors now have the power to shut down any and all public businesses and areas after 8:00 pm to limit and prevent further transmission of COVID-19 and decrease the escalating coronavirus cases. The opening times for all restaurants and diners would be managed along with the number of people allowed inside would also be tightened.

These recent preventive measures are under implementation as the highest number of daily infection rate of coronavirus cases has been recorded in Italy for the second day in a row.

On Sunday, a total number of 11,705 new coronavirus cases have been recorded, which had broken the previously made record in the region that came a day before on Saturday, on which the total coronavirus cases were recorded to be 10,925.

The country of Italy has been the topmost affected country during the coronavirus pandemic spread across Europe. The nation has now recorded to have diagnosed 414,000 coronavirus cases, out of which 36,500 has died after suffering from severe symptoms of the infection. The total number of deaths caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy is in second place across Europe after the United Kingdom.

Public Address by Italian Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of Italy held a televised public address on Sunday, during which he emphasized that all the residents across the country could not afford to waste time in placing the preventive measures against the coronavirus infection.

The number of coronavirus cases is already rapidly increasing due to which this move has been made to prevent another nationwide lockdown that could severely affect and compromise economic stability. The government is doing their required part to limit further transmission of the infection, but the public should also play their designated role to further reduce the escalating coronavirus cases in the region.

The most basic and effective required measure against the coronavirus infection is wearing a face mask, maintaining social distance for at least 1 meter, and hand sanitization. All the general public is requested to pay attention to those situations where multiple people tend to let down their guard that includes being with family and friends. To limit and prevent the increasing daily number of coronavirus cases in the country, the maximum level of precaution is required to be followed.

Preventive measures against coronavirus in Italy

Several changes have been made by the Italian government to combat the escalating coronavirus cases across the region.

The school timings have also been changed, especially for older students. The time for the start of school would be late as compared to young children, and distance-learning is much encouraged. Online classes are also being conducted to reduce the chances of local transmission of infection.

Public dining places, including restaurants, diners, and bars, will now be shut down at midnight, allowing only table service to continue after 8:00 pm. The maximum number of individuals allowed to dine together per group will be six.

All local festivals and conferences have been suspended for the time being until the daily coronavirus cases counts decrease. All contact sports are not allowed to be played. The local swimming pools and gyms should adapt to a new strategy within seven days, which follows all coronavirus preventive requirements.

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https://dailyfactline.com/italy-tightens-restrictions-amid-a-surge-in-coronavirus-cases/feed/ 0
Israel-UAE Peace Deal for Trade in Middle East https://dailyfactline.com/israel-uae-peace-deal-for-trade-in-middle-east/ https://dailyfactline.com/israel-uae-peace-deal-for-trade-in-middle-east/#respond Sun, 18 Oct 2020 12:16:28 +0000 https://dailyfactline.com/?p=2159 Israel-UAE Peace Deal for Trade in Middle EastIt is estimated that the Israel-UAE peace deal is expected to eventually gain profit of $4 billion in a year, along with creating around 15,000 new job opportunities.]]> Israel-UAE Peace Deal for Trade in Middle East

The joint collaboration of the Israel-UAE peace deal along with Bahrain is expected to be a big key event for the trade and business in the localized region. Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, the CEO, and chairman of the DP World, based in Dubai, stated that they are going to remove obstacles that might have to provide hindrance in the business links previously are now not allowed. To counter the issue, required measures would be taken, including trade route shortening and easier overall procedure to finalize deals in Europe.

Peace deal between Israel and UAE to promote export

It is being estimated that the Israel-UAE peace deal is expected to eventually gain profit of $4 billion in a year, along with creating around 15,000 new job opportunities. Bin Sulayem was in agreement that this Israel-UAE peace deal had been put into place for mutual benefits, as both parties require something from each other.

Most of the export goods would be based on technology, which also includes products for increasing cybersecurity along with the latest and advanced products in the medicine and agricultural sectors.

In the upcoming future, it is expected that the Israel-UAE peace deal would be further elaborated and grown, which would evidently include more physical shipping items from the Asian marketplace that would be exported through Dubai.

The first shipment for the Israel-UAE peace deal has been made by a cargo ship named MSC Paris between the two countries. During the time of the voyage, the parliament of Israel formally provided its approval to the United Arab Emirates regarding the peace treaty.

The first shipment for the Israel-UAE peace deal included electronic equipment, iron, fire fighting products, and cleaning items. According to the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, the arrival of the first batch of export goods signifies the start of something big.

Effects of coronavirus pandemic on globally cargo shipping

The DP World, located in Dubai, is the largest port operators across the globe and is currently in collaboration with the Dover Tower of Israel to further expand their existence inside the country as a part of the Israel-UAE peace deal. Israel is looking forward to further provide upgrading of their existent port facilities at the Haifa and Ashdod, which are very fundamental to the country’s economy.

It is actually the ambition and drives towards broadening of their presence that Mr bin Sulayem said that had provided help for his firm go on better than the rest of the cargo shipping industry during the coronavirus pandemic, which has severely affected and exaggerated the economic recession across the world.

Before the coronavirus pandemic began spreading across various regions around the world, the DP World was responsible for handling for around 10% of all the cargo shipping containers that contained all items from electronic equipment to clothing and even automobile spare parts worldwide.

The numbers are expected to decline as the IMF has predicted that the global economy will reduce 4.4% due to the current economic instability in multiple countries globally. This issue is expected to be resolved during the Israel-UAE peace deal.

In the initial six months of this year, the DP World was responsible for handling around 33.3 million TEU (twenty-foot equivalent units), which is observed as a 3.9% reduction in the average number of cargo shipping containers as compared to the same time last year in 2019, during the time when the biggest loss was experienced by Australia and America.

The performance of DP World in the first quarter of 2020 was still better than the 5.6 % estimated decline across the world, which has been suggested by Drewry, a maritime research company. The functioning is expected to further escalate during the upcoming months after the Israel-UAE peace deal.

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British Airways Fined $26m for a Data Breach Affected Over 400,000 Customers https://dailyfactline.com/british-airways-fined-26m-for-a-data-breach-affected-over-400000-customers/ https://dailyfactline.com/british-airways-fined-26m-for-a-data-breach-affected-over-400000-customers/#respond Sat, 17 Oct 2020 09:48:31 +0000 https://dailyfactline.com/?p=2156 British Airways Fined $26m for a Data Breach Affected Over 400,000 CustomersThorough investigation concluded that data breach occurred as required security measures were not put into place like a multi-factor authentication procedure. ]]> British Airways Fined $26m for a Data Breach Affected Over 400,000 Customers

British Airways has been reportedly fined for more than $26 million for the data breach that directly affected around 400,000 individuals. The finalization for the fine has been done by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) after two years since the data breach took place in 2018, and it affected both private and credit card information of the people.

The $26 million fine is considerably low in amount, as compared to the original amount of $183 million, which was initially discussed in 2019 by the ICO to compensate for the personal data breach.

Security breach in British Airways

According to the ICO, the amount of the fine has been decreased as the impact of the coronavirus pandemic has been taken into account. Up till now, this is the largest amount of penalty that has been issued by the Information Commissioner’s Office, which is more than $26 million.

The data breach incident took place when the British Airways complete system had been compromised by a group of hackers, during which they gained sensitive information regarding over 400,000 customers, including credit card details. Later after two months, British Airways was made aware of this data breach by a security researching party and then later notified the ICO.

The complete information which has been obtained illegally during the data breach includes login details, payment card information along with travel booking details, as well as the customer’s complete name and residential address.

After the thorough investigation, which occurred after the data breach incident, it was concluded that the data breach occurred as required security measures were not put into place that includes a multi-factor authentication procedure.

The Information Communication’s Office observed at the time of the data breach that the security measures which the British Airways were using two years ago were available for public usage by the Microsoft operating system.

Penalty and correction of security protocols

After the security breach, the ICO provided a statement saying that when a public organization with access to large scale public data records take irresponsible decisions, it has a direct effect on the personal lives of the people involved.

Now the laws and regulations are able to provide the required tool that could subsequently encourage those businesses to make responsible and positive decisions regarding the sensitive data, which also includes being up-to-date in the company’s security protocols to prevent a data breach in the future.

As soon as British Airways was informed regarding the data breach of their system, they immediately alerted all 400,000 customers to take the required action to safeguard their personal bank accounts.

After the data breach incident, British Airways gave a public statement via their spokesman that they are very satisfied that the ICO has recognized the commitment by the Airline firm by changing their security protocols to prevent any attack on their servers in the future since the attack in 2018. British Airways has fully provided its co-operation to the ICO regarding the investigation and the penalty.

The Data protection officer said that during the current impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the economic recession, the $26 million amount should be considered as a massive penalty for the airline for the data breach accident.

This also shows that the ICO is meant to take no chances in their business and would be willing to let any struggling firm during this time go without punishment for their failures in data protection.

British Airways faced the consequences of their irresponsible behavior after two years since the incident. The airline firm first failed to protect their firm from a cyber attack. Then later, the company was unable to detect the attack on time, and it was noticed by a third party after extensive damage was done to more than 400,000 individuals.

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Blood Group O People Less Likely To Catch COVID-19 but A And AB Are At Risk: New Research Claims https://dailyfactline.com/blood-group-o-people-less-likely-to-catch-covid-19/ https://dailyfactline.com/blood-group-o-people-less-likely-to-catch-covid-19/#respond Fri, 16 Oct 2020 11:34:17 +0000 https://dailyfactline.com/?p=2153 Blood Group O People Less Likely To Catch COVID-19While examining through a large amount of data, it was observed that individuals with Blood Group O have a fewer number of coronavirus positive results as compared to A, B, and AB.]]> Blood Group O People Less Likely To Catch COVID-19

A recent study regarding the effects of coronavirus infection based on the blood group of the patient has revealed that the individuals who have Blood Group A and AB are more prone to getting a severe infection as compared to those with Blood Group O.

Two completely independent studies that have been published on Wednesday has concluded that the Blood Group O has some sort of increased protection against the COVID-19 pathogen, reducing their chances of getting diagnosed with coronavirus and if they acquire the infection due to any reason, the Blood Group Otype will not suffer from such severe symptoms of the infection.

Severity of COVID-19 with respect to Blood Type

According to a research study, the individuals with Blood Type A and AB are prone to getting COVID-19 and with increased intensity and longer duration than those individuals who have Blood Group O and B.; the Blood Type is basically the presence of the specific antibody and antigen proteins. Blood Group O is the most common blood type present across the globe.

Out of the two research studies conducted regarding the seriousness of coronavirus on blood types, one of the research teams is from the University of Southern Denmark and Odense University Hospital.

During the study, all data were collected from the Danish health registry, and the sample size was over 473,000 individuals who have been diagnosed with coronavirus infection, while the control group contained 2.2 million general populations.

While examining through a large amount of data, it was observed that individuals with Blood Group O have a fewer number of coronavirus positive results as compared with other patients having blood type A, B, and AB in which the rate of infection was found to be similar in all three.

The small control group has provided an additional advantage in this research study. Denmark is a small and ethnically homogenous nation that has a properly functional public healthcare system and a centralized registry for all public data records for easy accessibility. The control group of this study is based on the whole general population, which provides a strong foundation for the study.

Canadian research study on coronavirus effects on Blood Group O

The second study has been done on the effects and strength of COVID-19 on Blood Group O and other blood types. This research study included 95 individuals located in Vancouver, Canada, who became severely ill after being diagnosed with the coronavirus infection.

During the course of treatment, it was observed that those in patients who have blood type A and AB required continuous mechanical ventilator as compared to Blood Group O and B, which suggests that they suffered from extensive damage to their lungs from the viral pathogen. Those individuals were also more prone to getting dialysis to remove toxins from their bloodstream due to acute kidney failure.

During the course of the study, it was also observed that those patients with blood type A and AB remained on a ventilator inside the Intensive Care Unit for a longer duration of average time as compared to those patients who have Blood Group O and B. According to the Canadian research team, this conclusion signals the greater severity and intensity level caused by the coronavirus infection.

The lead scientist in this study said that this study is of particular importance as the time passes during the coronavirus pandemic, which has spread across the world and has directly affected more than 38 million individuals.

As numerous individuals have survived through, the symptoms of the infection and exiting the acute stage of COVID-19, the society of scientists around the world should now explore other mechanisms which would help reduce the long term aftereffects and secondary complications caused by coronavirus on the patient.

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