Fears of Full-Scale War as Violence Intensifies: Israel-Gaza Situation

Violet Unrest on Both Sides as Air Strikes Have Begun from Both Israeli Forces and Hamas

The extremely violent exchange of fire between the militants of Palestine in the Gaza Strip and the military forces of Israel has intensified significantly, with the United Nations fearing that it might convert into a full-scale war. More than a thousand rockets have been fired by the Palestinian militants over the past 38 hours, according to Israel.

It all started to become extremely aggressive after the Jerusalem violence attack, which occurred in the previous week, and the attack on al-Aqsa mosque, which is a holy site for the entire Muslim community.

The military of Israel has previously executed hundreds of airstrikes, resulting in the destruction of two tower blocks located in the city of Gaza on both Tuesday and Wednesday. Since Monday, at least six Israeli and 53 Palestinians have reportedly been killed. It also includes 14 innocent Palestinian children that were caught in the ongoing violent conflict, which might convert into a full-scale war.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres has said that he has become gravely concerned by the current violent activities that are happening, which could possibly turn into a full-scale war. Due to the violent unrest in the various town of Israel among the mixed Arab and Jewish populations have led towards arrests of hundreds of individuals in the past recent few days. Lod near the Israeli city of Tel Aviv has been declared to be under a state of emergency.

The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu has said that the government of the country would be using all of its strength for the protection of its Israeli citizens from their enemies located outside the country and rioters present inside Israel before the region turns into a place with full-scale war.

Israel-Gaza Situation

The militants present in Gaza had begun to fire rockets into the air space of Israel on the night of Monday; meanwhile, Israeli forces responded to the attack by hitting targets inside the territory. On Wednesday, Israel has stated that they had been able to kill a senior official of Hamas who was present in Gaza and is targeting their missile launch sites.

Hamas is the militant group that is able to operate Gaza and has confirmed the news that one of their commanding officers has indeed died while being in Gaza city. As the condition is turning more violent as days pass, it is expected that these violent activities would soon turn into a full-scale war in the near future.

The health ministry is run by Hamas in Gaza has said that more than 300 individuals have been critically injured since the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis began, while 53 people have reportedly died due to the ongoing violent attacks and airstrikes on the region.

The Israel Defense Force (IDF) has said that the airstrikes conducted by them of Gaza on Wednesday had been its largest one since the conflict which occurred in the year 2014, and it is possible that it might become a full-scale war. According to Hamas, they were incensed as the enemy forces began targeting residential towers during their attacks.

Due to the possibility of airstrikes, the residents of the tower building were forewarned to evacuate the area as soon as possible before the arrival of fighter jets; however, the health official has reported that there had been several reported civilian deaths who were present in the area.

The airstrikes on Tuesday caused the deaths of five individuals belonging to a single-family, including two younger brothers.

Situation in Israel

In the morning on Wednesday, an Israeli military soldier was killed by an anti-tank missile that was fired from Gaza into Israel, according to Israel Defense Forces. The warning sirens were continuously making sound for alert in the southern cities and towns which are located in Israel in the afternoon on Wednesday, after a barrage of rockets had been fired by the Hamas onto Israel. Due to these current conditions, it has been warned that a full-scale war might erupt at any moment in the near future.

Two individuals, a man and her daughter, had been killed in Lod when a rocket directly hit their car; both people were Israeli Arabs. According to the Israeli police force, dozens of cities across the country are suffering from violent rioters, which started overnight, due to which around 270 individuals have been arrested.

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