FBI Warning: Planning Of Armed Protests by Trump Supporters in Washington DC

Security Has Been Increased To Prevent Any Miserable Events with Collateral Damage

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has provided a public warning to the authorities of a possible armed protest to be held across the United States as the supports of ex-President Donald Trump along with the far-right activist groups are calling for public demonstrations before the inauguration of the recently won Joe Biden as the President of the United States.

Unrest caused by Trump across the United States

There have been multiple reports for the planning  an armed protest  gathering of groups of people armed with lethal weapons in all the 50 state capitals located throughout the country along with Washington DC during the run-up of the swearing-in ceremony of Joe Biden on January 20.

T prevent any chaotic episode on the day of the event as the pro-Trump mob were able to bypass the security and stormed Congress, along with the FBI warning for any unexpected issue that could occur, the security is expected to be very tight during the ceremony to prevent any armed protests by the general public.

On Wednesday, according to the House Democrats, a voting session would be held to impeach the president of the United States. They have accused Donald Trump of incitement of insurrection, and the voting will be conducted unless Vice President Mike Pence would invoke his constitutional powers to forcibly remove President Trump from the Office. Although it looks like that Mike Pence is not yet ready t take this decisive action.

During the inauguration ceremony to be held at the Capitol of January 20 with the threat of a possible armed protest, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as elected Vice President would be sworn in and would soon take up their roles in the Office. The Biden team has advised the public to avoid planning to travel to Washington DC amid the huge risk of the deadly coronavirus pandemic, which is also supported by the local authorities throughout the country.

Riot of January 6 in Congress

The security officials in charge of the safety of the inauguration ceremony stated that they would not let the security breach happen by any individual or armed protests by Trump supporters, which was observed on January 6. On that day, thousands of individuals that were in support of Trump US president were able to bypass the security team and entered inside Congress, where the members were voting to clarify the results of the elections conducted in the month of November last year.

During the riot, 5 individuals lost their lives due to the sudden chaos, which were caused after Trump publically unsubstantially claimed of fraud during the presidential elections in November, and encouraged his supporters to march towards the Capitol. The planning for armed protests could possibly be due to retaliation for the recent miserable event.

Since then, some Democrats and Republics are calling for resignation, removal and impeachment of President Donald Trump due to his unreliable actions towards the public. No public statement has been given by Trump yet as he has been banned from several social media platforms for the temporary time duration since Friday.

President Trump has become the third president in the history of the United States to be impeached in December 2019, over the confirmed charges of breaking the regulatory law by asking Ukraine for a thorough investigation of his rival competitive members in the presidential elections. Later, the charges were cleared by the Senate.

Planned armed protests in the US

There have been numerous social media posts on pro-Trump and far-rights online networks which have called people for possible armed protests on several dates, including a thoroughly planned armed protest in multiple cities on January 17 throughout the United States. A march has also been planned in the Washington, DC on the same day as the inauguration of the new President Joe Biden.

To prevent any collateral damage during the ceremony due to an unexpected turn of events, an FBI warning has been issued which provides information of a possible storming of federal, local and state courthouses around the United States by a group of people if President Trump is enforced to leave the office before the end of his official terms earlier from the inauguration day.

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