Face Mask Protects From Coronavirus or Not?

Healthy, Non-Infected Individuals Do Not Require a Face Mask

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COVID 19 is the root cause for the global economic recession the world is facing today as this new strain of coronavirus has spread to more than 200 countries and territories throughout the globe and is continuously spread further rapidly even after all preventive measures are implied in multiple countries including a lockdown of whole major cities. Millions of population across the world is using face masks to provide them immunity from COVID 19, which is not effective, according to the scientist and researchers who are currently studying this new infection.

There are no proper guidelines provided to the general population regarding if a face mask protects from coronavirus or not.

Do these face masks work or not against COVID 19?

A face mask protects from coronavirus or not is based on the type of the face mask and its usage. The N95 respirators are one of the most effective types of face mask that can protect the person wearing from all sorts of dirt, bacterial and viral infections due to its minute sized pores from which the smallest microorganism can’t pass through.

Wearing a surgical face mask does not provide a full guarantee that they will not catch the virus due to its enlarged pores between the filtrate and large slits on the side of the mask through which a virus can easily pass through and cause an infection. Wearing any face mask protects from coronavirus or not is not yet proven as the viral infection can easily enter the body through the eyes.

The usage of face mask protects from coronavirus or not is similar according to different doctors, but they effectively help the patient by capturing droplets that are emitted out of the mouth during coughing and sneezing, which is one of the main transmission routes of COVID 19.

Wearing a face mask protects from coronavirus or not is debatable in normal healthy individuals, but it is important to wear for the person who is taking care of someone who is infected from COVID 19 as it reduced the chance of transmission of the virus.

Wearing proper personal protective equipment along with a face mask protects from coronavirus or not, as it is not essential for a healthy person who does not have the virus, but is a basic requirement for those individuals who are working in healthcare facilities and are in continuous contact with people who might be infected with COVID 19. However, these masks are useless for those who do not have a viral infection, but still regarded as a safety measure in certain countries to wear when traveling outside their homes.

The usage of face mask protects from coronavirus or not for an individual with optimum health, but it effective if used with the combination of frequent hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds to remove all traces of harmful microorganisms along with using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. After wearing a face mask to its full capacity, it should be properly disposed of in an orderly manner.

Best types of mask for usage during coronavirus pandemic

Homemade face masks do not properly guarantee the protection against COVID 19 and might give the person a false sense of protection, but they might be able to provide some protection if made and used in a correct manner. Reusable face masks made out of cloth are not recommended as they might increase the chance of transmission of the infection.

The most protective face masks are FFP3, N95, and FFP2, as they have a fitted respirator inside them that helps filter air. They are mostly available for the health care workers who are in direct contact with the COVID 19 patients.

Other hospital staff that is not in any direct physical touch with the infected patients, including primary care, ambulance responders, care homes and private clinics are recommended to wear surgical face masks inside the healthcare setting and advised not to be within 1 meter of a COVID 19 patient as it might put them at risk of infection.

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