Europe Is Learning To Live With The COVID-19

Europeans Have Adapted Their Lives To Cope With The Coronavirus Pandemic

Europeans Have Adapted Their Lives To Cope With The Coronavirus Pandemic

During the earlier period when the coronavirus pandemic started rapidly spreading across the world, French President Emmanuel Macron encouraged the citizen of French to fight against the coronavirus infection. But today, his message to the residents of the country is to live with the COVID-19 spread across the country as the new normal routine. France, along with the rest of the European countries, was one of the most affected regions due to the coronavirus pandemic, for which the leaders of the nations were confident on waging a cold war against the viral deadly infectious pathogen, but now due to the passage of time, the same leadership is asking their citizens to start co-existing and live with the COVID-19 pandemic as the active case numbers still continue to rise as the region is starting to experience upcoming autumn weather. Colder months, which are coming in the near future, also brings the possibility of a much more deadly second wave of the coronavirus infection in the European region.

Destruction of COVID-19 in Europe and the US

As people in certain parts of the world, including Europe, has abandoned all hopes in the possibility of developing a viable antidote against the deadly viral infection in time, and have returned back to their normal routine of workplaces and schools as the individuals have begun to live with the COVID-19 pandemic as a new normal. Across Europe, the coronavirus pandemic has killed more than 215,000 individuals in the past eight months.

This approach to live with the COVID-19 infection across Europe is in contrast with the United States, where the pandemic preventive restrictions have been enforced to limit further transmission of the infection. Due to the increasing number of cases across the country, multiple states have pushed back the reopening of restaurants, shops, and schools without proper preventive protocols in place. Across the United States, the same numbers of deaths are being reported as compared to Europe, even though the country has far less population compared with the entire continent.

This increasing mortality rate in the United States is not due to the proper implementation of preventive measures by the people. The people living in Europe have coped up to live with the COVID-19 pandemic without the further spread of infection as they have learned from their past mistakes and hard-won lessons, which previously has caused numerous loss of innocent lives across the region. All individuals across European countries follow through the social distancing protocols while continuously wearing face masks to cover their nose and mouth.

They have also learned the important aspect of the test and tracing, which also plays a critical role in the transmission of infection. By following through all the measures to limit the further spread of coronavirus, Europeans are able to prevent any sort of nationwide lockdown, which has already caused massive economic recession across the region while trying to live with the COVID-19 as their new typical routine.

Living with coronavirus as the new normal

The leading virologist from Belgium, Emmanuel Andre, stated that even though by following through all the preventive measures and enabling our daily to live with the COVID-19, we are still unable to completely stop the virus. To counter this and prevent further spread of deadly infection, all individuals should keep equilibrium, for which only certain tools are available to follow through.

According to Italy’s Health Minister Roberto Speranza, the Europeans are now experiencing a living-with-the-virus phase. He also stated that there are no zero infection transmission rates, but now the country has stabilized enough along with having better equipment and facilities to handle any surge of coronavirus infection in the near future as people have also begun to live with the COVID-19 pandemic. Another lockdown would not be implemented in Italy, as any possible rapid surge of infection would be stopped as soon as it starts.

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