Ethiopian Military Is Involved in Tigray Massacre: Video Proof

The Entire Region Has Suffered from A Large Magnitude of Grave Abuses in The Past Recent Months

There has been substantial proof regarding the uncovering of an armed massacre conducted by the troops of the Ethiopian military in the region of northern Ethiopia on completely helpless individuals. The Tigray massacre investigation has revealed the precise location of the site of the incident, during which around 15 people were mercilessly murdered without being given a chance to defend themselves.

In the early days of the month of March this year, a series of 5 video footage surfaced on the internet which showed uniformed men, completely armed with loaded firearms were leading a small group of bounded unarmed individuals towards the edge of a cliff, during which they shot some of those people at point-blank range, and then pushed their lifeless corpses off the edge of the cliff.

It has been confirmed that the Tigray massacre happened in the location which is close to the local town of Mahbere Dego in the northern region of Tigray in Ethiopia, which is also where the Ethiopian military forces are currently deployed to combat the troops of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), which was the previously nominated ruling party of the country.

The fights between both parties began in the month of November last year when the region’s government was able to launch an offensive military attack against the political party of TPLF, which has also been accused of attacking a government-owned military base inside the country by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

The TPLF is completely in opposition to the efforts by Prime Minister Abiy to further increase the federal government’s power over the state and has also stated that it is dedicated to prolonged resistance.

Due to this conflict between both powers, more than 2 million individuals have been displaced from their residents, and according to the interim administration of Tigray, 4 million individuals are required aid and support.

Geographically locating the video footage

The investigative teams are currently working alongside analysts from other media outlets to accurately locate the area where the Tigray massacre occurred, taking hints from the video footage of that time.

According to the individual who was the first one to post the video shoot of the Tigray massacre stated that it occurred somewhere in the town of Mahbere Dego. Although the analysis was done through the geographical features captured in the video, including a nearby dirt unpaved road, a plateau, along with an escarpment that had a very distinctive profile. All the landmarks observed in the Tigray massacre footage were later compared with the satellite imaging of the surrounding area of the town for further confirmation.

The length and direction of the shadows of objects and the armed Ethiopian soldiers have helped the analysts in pinpointing the time of the day at the moment of the Tigray massacre and also showed that the escarpment was in the orientation of north-south direction.

In the video footage, a ridgeline can easily be spotted, which was used to overlay on a topographical map of the expected site of the Tigray massacre to confirm the exact location. Other things, including a band of vegetation, a dry riverbed along with the specific pattern of growing trees, also further helps in confirmation of an exact match.

According to the resident of the nearby town Mahbere Dego, the Ethiopian military took 73 individuals away from the town and into the surrounding region in the month of January this year, which included three direct relatives of his. None of the abducted individuals were later heard from since then.

Identification of armed soldiers and dead victims

The proper identification has not been possible for the Ethiopian military troops who had been involved in the Tigray massacre, although the detailing on their uniforms, including the pattern of camouflage along with the arm badge, contains the same colors of an Ethiopian national flag. Due to the collected evidence, it is possible that the armed individuals involved in the Tigray massacre are related to the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF).

Several of the other features observed in the video also matches the uniform worn by ENDF troops, including the cutting and styling of the outer pockets. One of the armed individuals was wearing a green-colored beret, which bears the insignia that closely appears to be a match in color and sign with the ENDF beret, further confirming the possibility.

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