Erdogan’s visit to Russia: War in Syria would be a central issue

Will the region be able to prosper after all this?

Friends and enemies at the same time

The Syrian civil war has been an ongoing process for over nine years that has recently escalated very much and has lead to the murder of innocent civilians, along with many Turkish and Syrian soldiers. There has been an accord between Syria and Turkey to provide a de-escalation zone in the province n Idlib to prohibit violent hostilities for which people inhabited in the area paid the price with their lives. Erdogan’s visit to Russia is solely to resolve this purpose.

Why is Idlib the main target? 

Saraqeb, the town in the province of Idlib, which has the importance of strategic geographical placement, has changed hands twice in the last month from being under Syria and later taken by Turkey. The transference of leadership of the area happened when Syrian airstrike caused the death of thirty-three Turkish soldiers at the Turkish outpost. This attaches been marked as the biggest air strike mortality rate up to date.

The attacks continued even after the soldiers took refuge in a nearby building and later when ambulances came rushing to the rescue. This attack was retaliated by Turkey in the form of killing more than two hundred Syrian soldiers and a few Russian Special Forces which presented there at the time. To reduce further bloodshed, President Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Russia has been confirmed.

Idlib, Syria

Idlib is the last rebel stronghold in Syria, where anti-regime forces and innocent people are holed up trying to defend their homes while Russia backing airstrikes and ground attacks. Due to the multiple airstrike’s, the inhabitants who were opening their businesses for the day for severely injured, along with their shops turning into debris in front of their eyes. Homes, marketplaces, and even hospitals are being specifically targeted for the air strikes.

These continuous violent behaviors have to lead to the displacement of a million people living in Syria to migrate to neighboring countries since December last year and the reason behind Erdogan’s visit to Russia. According to the United Nations, this is the worst humanitarian crisis that has befallen on the inhabitants of the Idlib province for nine years of the ongoing war. NATO held an emergency meeting that urged to restrain the amount of escalating violence, which has forced hundreds of people to relocate. US President Donald Trump is being called out to protect the lives of the people and declare no-fly zone as fighting escalates around the Idlib region

Relationship between Turkey and Russia before Erdogan’s visit to Russia

The relationship between the two countries has come to the breaking point for which Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Russia to meet with the officials is scheduled to be conducted in the coming week.  The two countries have come closer than ever to the point of exchanging threats after the attack by Turkey that leads to the destruction of two Syrian warplanes owned by its government and demolishment of a military airport in Syria.

Erdogan’s visit to Russia is to make a deal to a ceasefire over the northwest region of Syria and to work together to find the solution to this grave problem. A part of Moscow’s goal is to assert dominance in the Middle East over the United State’s NATO forces stationed there.

Turkish role in the Syrian war

Turkey has sided with the rebel side of this conflict almost from the onset of this war back in have placed a political, economic, and social strain on Turkey.  The Turkish government is indirectly involved in the conflict as it is about to surpass the ability to accommodate any more Syrian refugee survivors that have left their homes and migrate to its closest neighboring 2011. Since these nine years, Turkey has absorbed four million Syrian refugees, and those peoples’ countries.

Turkey also feels abandoned in this process by its allies and the US in the process. The Turkish government now feels threatened to open its border to any more refugee that have fled the Idlib province due to the massive violence which will be addressed during Erdogan’s visit to Russia.

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