Effects of Coronavirus on America’s Food Supply

United States Has Enough Food to Last through the Pandemic

US Has Enough Food to Last through the COVID-19 Pandemic

The entire global village is suffering from this deadly contagious virus known as COVID-19, which has directly affected 2,418,846 people across the globe since its outbreak in Mainland China on November 17, 2019. Since its outbreak, every major and small business company is suffering due to its consequences on human society. Along with every major multinational business, including the airline industry, the effects of coronavirus on America’s food supply along with the rest of the world is undergoing drastic results.

The number of deaths due to the outcome of the COVID-19 virus has reached 165,759, which is 21% of all closed case outcomes. 633,363 individuals have been able to fully recover back to their optimum health level after being infected by the pathogen. Along with several other massive disastrous issues caused by coronavirus, the reduction in the availability of food is very concerning. Food production and supply is majorly affected as an outcome arising in response to prevent further spread of the infection.

Disruption in America’s food supply chain

The worldwide COVID-19 outbreak is affecting every sector of the global community, majorly the food department. Disruption in the food supply chain is being seen by all, including families trying to feed themselves, farmers cultivating the crops, processing plants along with markets, as the effects of coronavirus on America’s food supply are increasing every day. The COVID-19 patient count is increasing day by day, even after the implementation of strict preventive measures, which are a necessary precaution required to limit the further spread of coronavirus in the area.

Multiple effects of coronavirus on America’s food supply are being seen, which have a tendency to aggravate if not properly moderated by the general population of the region. The United States of America has enough food available in the region for the general public to consume. As the effects of coronavirus on America’s food supply are creating issues in the availability of certain food In some areas, multiple organizations across the country have started supplying free of cost food items for the poor and needy during these disastrous and chaotic times.

More than half of the restaurants present inside the United States, including fast-food chains, have been closed down amid COVID-19 lockdown. The rest of the restaurants which are currently working are only providing the facilities of taking away and delivery, which is a preventive measure to limit and prevent COVID-19 viral spread in the surrounding area as 764,265 individuals have been infected by COVID-19 infection in the last few months.

40,565 people have died in the United States due to the severe aftereffects of COVID-19. Panic buying regarding food items has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. The general population has been bulk buying shelf-stable and freeze-dried food provisions, which would not turn rot rapidly, and can be easily used over long duration periods. Bulk buying remains the top effects of coronavirus on America’s food supply, as people are afraid to run out of food amid the pandemic. Multiple grocery stores are facing a shortage of some products amid restocking, which is done every night to ensure the availability of all items for the next day.

Shortage of human labor in the food supply chain

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a vast shortage of human labor for multiple tasks, but it will not directly disrupt the food supply across the country. Most of the work in food sectors is done by industrial-scale machinery, which reduces the requirement of human labor. There is enough food quantity available for all Americans to be easily used amid the pandemic even though several meatpacking plants, along with an increase in certain food items are being seen. The certain effects of coronavirus on America’s food supply do not have the capacity to terminate food supply to the entire country.

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