Effectiveness of Antiviral Covid Pill Is 89% In High-Risk Cases: Pfizer

Sample of The Clinical Trial Involved Elderly Individuals That Were Diagnosed with Serious Medical Illness

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An experimental antiviral Covid pill has been recently introduced by the United States pharmaceutical firm Pfizer for the treatment of deadly coronavirus infection, which reduces the risk of the infected individual from being hospitalized or ultimately death by 89% in high-risk adults, according to the results of a recently conducted clinical trial.

Clinical trial for Covid-19 treatment

The drug named Paxlovid, which is an antiviral Covid pill, is to be used with the intention in individuals diagnosed with Covid-19 infection symptoms that develop in high-risk people with increased severity of the disease. The news has come a day after the medicine regulators of the United Kingdom have made approval of a similar kind of treatment from the pharmaceutical company Merck Sharp and Dohme (MSD).

It has been stated by Pfizer that due to the increased number of positive results obtained from the initial clinical trial for the antiviral Covid pill, the rest of the testing has been stopped by the firm.

The United Kingdom has made a massive order of about 250,000 courses for the newly established antiviral Covid pill by Pfizer for treatment of coronavirus infection, along with another order containing 480,000 courses for the molnupiravir pill by MSD.

The Pfizer antiviral Covid pill, which is a protease inhibitor, has been designed to block the important enzyme which is required by the virus to multiply while inside the body. When the protease inhibitor is ingested alongside another low dose of ritonavir, which is an antiviral pill, it stays inside the body for a longer duration, thus being able to eradicate the possibility of high risk in patients.

These antiviral Covid pills are prescribed to be taken twice in a single day for five consecutive days to see effectiveness against the viral infection. This combination treatment developed by Pfizer is able to work in a slightly different manner than the Merck pill, which introduces multiple errors inside the genetic coding of the virus, making it ineffective to spread disease.

According to Pfizer, they have made plans to make a submission regarding the interim trial results for the antiviral Covid pill to the medicine regulators of the United States, the Food and Drug Administration, as a part of emergency drug usage, which has been started in the previous month.

The chief executive officer and chairman of the firm Albert Bourla stated that the antiviral Covid pill has the potential to save the lives of high-risk patients, along with making reduction in the severity of the infection caused by a coronavirus and eliminating up to 90% of hospitalizations of patients throughout the world.

Results of clinical trial

The vaccines developed to combat against the viral coronavirus pandemic are seen to be the best course of treatment to control the further transmission of infection, but there is also an increased demand for other types of treatments that can be easily done at home, particularly for those individuals that have decreased autoimmunity and are extremely vulnerable to become infected with the deadly viral strain.

According to the interim data results that have been collected through a clinical trial that has been done to test the treatment in 1,219 high-risk coronavirus patients who have recently been diagnosed, it has been found that about 0.8% of patients administered with antiviral Covid pill Paxlovid had to be hospitalized as compared with 7% of patients that had been administered with a placebo drug.

The patients were able to be fully treated within the time duration of three days after the starting of symptoms of Covid infection. During the research study, seven patients had been reported to have died after being administered with placebo drug in place of an antiviral Covid pill. In comparison, no mortality has been reported in the treatment group where the viable drug had been administered in patients.

As the patients have been treated within five days of the onset of symptoms, 1% of the total group which had received Paxlovid had ended up hospitalized, while no death had yet been reported. This is compared with 6.7% of the patients that had received the placebo drug during the clinical trial having to be hospitalized due to the severity of their medical condition, while 10 patients have reportedly died.

Nearly all of the patients involved in the clinical trial had been elderly and had been already diagnosed with a health condition, making them more prone to serious illness caused by coronavirus infection.

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