Drivers Will Be Banned from Using Hand-Held Devices

Smartphones Are Not Allowed to Be Used While Stopping at Traffic Lights or Even in Motorway Queues

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All the drivers in the United Kingdom are to be banned from making videos or searching their playlist on all hand-held devices from the start of next year under the plans made by the government to toughen the safety laws of the road. It has already been deemed illegal to make calls or write a text message on all hand-held devices during driving unless there is an emergency.

From the year 2022, all drivers will be banned from using hand-held devices for photography or playing video games while they are driving, and any rule-breaking individuals will have to face the fine of £200 along with six license points.

Prevention of road traffic accidents

The transport secretary stated that it would be an easier task to be able to prosecute the offenders. It has further been added by Grant Shapps that there is an increasing amount of road traffic collisions resulting in extensive injuries and casualties while the driver is using a hand-held device. This would make it an easier process to prosecute the people that are illegally using their smartphone devices while driving and endangering the lives of innocent people.

This would help in ensuring the law is being brought into the current century while further making protections for all users of the road.

Currently, the law enforcement department must rely on the charging of the drivers that are driving dangerously, which lists the use of a hand-held device or similar kind of equipment as one offensive example.

The Highway Code is expected to receive an update that would reflect on the new regulatory measures and would also help to make it clear to all drivers that it is completely illegal while driving to use a hand-held device while they momentarily stop at a traffic light or while in queues on a motorway.

Meanwhile, motorists are allowed to use devices that do not require to be held by a hand, which includes the using of a sat-nav or a smartphone that is secured in a cradle. Although it must be fully ensured that the hand-held device is not affecting their driving capabilities, and the driver would face charges if the police department found them to not be in complete and proper control of their vehicle.

However, those drivers that are making contactless payments and must use their smartphone devices while being in stationary condition are exempted from the newly made rule. Further exemptions that will cover situations include using a hand-held device while going in a drive-through restaurant or a road toll barrier but would only be applicable when the payment would be made by using a card reader.

Ensuring of safety law

Mr. Shapps also said that while the roads in the United Kingdom remain to be the safest in the entire world, the authorities are still continuously trying to make them safer for people, including the initiation of an award-winning campaign called THINK!, which provides a challenge for the social norms among some of the high-risk driving individuals.

The crackdown by the government of the United Kingdom follows a public consultation which has found that 81% of the total responders are in support of the plans that would help in further strengthening of the law.

According to the chief executive of Brake, Mary Williams, which is a charity for road safety, said that these changes that are coinciding with the coming week celebrating road safety are very welcoming, especially by those families that are suffering from bereavement or must go through the trauma of having catastrophic injuries due to the drivers being distracted while using their hand-held devices.

The President of the AA monitoring association, Edmund King, said that by making the usage of smartphone devices while driving on public roads a socially unacceptable problem, similar to driving while under the influence, and the government is taking big steps that would help make the roads across the United Kingdom much safer for all, which would help limit the number of casualties that occur due to motor vehicle collisions every year.

To help ensure that all the drivers across the region have received this message, more cops in patrol cars are required that would help in catching drivers that are not following protocols.

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