Donald Trump Starts To Make Electoral Comeback Or Not

Chances Of Trump's Winning Rapidly Increased Now

Chances Of Trump's Winning Rapidly Increased Now

There are only one and a half months left before the public voters will be deciding the political fate of the new president of the United States. But on Thursday, it has been suggested that the political descendents which current President Donald Trump had been suffering from for the past several months has ended, and support for his electoral comeback is starting to move towards his favor. This big revelation has been reported by the Cook Political Report, which is one of the finest political services in the United States, in which two states, Nevada and Florida, have moved their decision in favor of Donald Trump.

Trump vs. Biden

The conclusion of Nevada moved to Lean Democrat from Likely Democrat, while Florida’s decision turned into Toss Up from being a Lean Democrat. The lead of electoral comeback for Biden has tapered to 279 to 187 for Donald Trump. In the past months, Joe Biden had a lead of 308 to 187.

According to the electoral comeback model made by The Economist, in the month of June, there were one-in-five chances of winning for Donald Trump to continue his second consecutive term in the Office. But due to the severity of the coronavirus pandemic and civil unrest due to oppression on black lives, his chances of winning have reduced to one-in-ten in the month of July, and the statistics stayed the same for the next month. Now, it is being observed that Trump has gained back the large size of support for his electoral comeback.

There is no confirmation yet regarding if this news is true or if this movement is just a dead-cat bounce or these drastic changes might actually boost the probability of Trump’s winning as electoral comeback against Presidential candidate Joe Biden. As there are 53 days left before the United States Presidential Elections 2020, no clear and certain result could be expected.

This might be due to the coronavirus pandemic that has killed more than 400,000 individuals across the country, along with nationwide sparks of racism due to which the entire country observed both violent and peaceful protests. In conclusion, the last couple of months before an election are always hectic and changeable, but for this year’s election, this unpredictable outcome’s intensity might be quadrupled as Trump might make a possible electoral comeback.

Regain of Trump’s support against Biden

Even though there is not much of a clear answer available at this time, it does not mean that there is nothing to look at. In the past recent few days, multiple stirrings have been observed over the electoral map, which shows that things are returning back to their normal routine, which is in opposition to any big movement in favor of Trump’s electoral comeback.

The past few months have caused major changes in the opinion of the public regarding Trump’s electoral comeback or Biden’s reign at the Office. The summer crisis due to the death of unarmed black American George Floyd and thousands of lives lost during the coronavirus pandemic is frequently changing the opinion of the people, whether Trump has the ability to handle catastrophes that are experienced in the country.

But as the country is gradually reducing the escalated tensions across the region, no open support for the electoral comeback of Donald Trump is being perceived, and the public is much more inclined towards making Biden as the next President of the United States.

According to the past recent day’s numbers, Joe Biden has 279 electoral votes to win the upcoming presidential elections of this year, which is nine more than he required competing against the electoral comeback of Trump successfully. But now it is being stated that due to unforeseen reasons, Trump has a better chance of winning than he did before in the past few months.

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