Diminishing Hopes or Increasing Fear After Anti-Muslim Violence in Tripura

Properties of Muslims Have Become the Main Target in The Recently Occurring Violence in The Indian City of Tripura

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A small group of children is trying their best to focus on their studies while learning in a small, makeshift one-room classroom that is being run by the government, which is a madrassa located in the northeastern state of India, Tripura. While studying in the classroom, the student’s concentration is sometimes lost as they view the outside neighboring compound from an iron-grilled window. The people in the area limit their outdoor stays due to the increasing amount of anti-Muslim violence in Tripura.

Increased frequency of attacks

A single-storied mosque is also located in the district of North Tripura, with a very damaged and deteriorated condition, as the doors that had been previously broken by force have been hammered down by bricks, while the blades of the fan have been twisted and windowpanes shattered. The Chamtila mosque is present in the residential area and is surrounded by both the homes of Muslims and Hindu communities, although most people tend to stay indoors as more than 10 cases of religious viciousness, especially anti-Muslim violence, have been reported in the month of October.

According to the locally reported news, some of the mosques located in the region have been vandalized or completely burnt down during the surge in anti-Muslim violence. A senior police officer in the Tripura district, Bhanu Pada Chakraborty, has denied all news regarding the torching of mosques but stated that a couple of mosques had been vandalized, although the number has not been confirmed.

There have been multiple disturbing bases that have been reported in the area located a mile further in the north direction of Chamtila mosque, where around five shops had been burned down by the same mob that had vandalized the religious place of worship for Muslims as part of the increasing anti-Muslim violence in the country. All the shops that were burned belonged to the minority of the Muslim community that resides in the Rowa village.

Political propaganda

Three separate shops were destroyed due to the fire. One of the owners of the shops, Ameeruddin, is suffering as he is unable to sustain his family, comprising of five-member with his limited savings. He said that the members of the mob were unable to raid the residences of Muslim shop owners due to the presence of police, so they turned their wrath over the small shops, which had been closed for a short time in the afternoon.

According to the police, there is an undergoing investigation regarding the complaints they have received about the damage that has been sustained by the mosque and shops due to the countrywide anti-Muslim violence, which has rapidly surged in the past several weeks throughout the nation.

The anti-Muslim violence and attacks have been followed by a massive rally that had been taken out on the streets on October 26 by the hardline organization of Hindus, Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP), which is closely allied with the ruling party of India, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), along with several other religious groups that are present in the town located near the border of India, Panisagar. The public demonstrators that took part in the rally had been protesting against the recent violent attacks that had occurred in the Hindu residents in the neighboring country to India, Bangladesh, which also encircles the district of Tripura.

The region of Tripura has been under the order of the BJP since the year 2018 after being under Communist rule for 25 consecutive years. The opposition party has put the blame on the current ruling party for trying to mix the religion with their own political agendas and ignite hate and anti-Muslim violence to be able to win in the upcoming general elections, although these allegations have strongly been denied by the BJP.

The population of Muslims in the region makes up less than 9% of the total population of Tripura, which is around 4.2 million individuals. While 83% of the population comprises Hindus, many of which have come from Bangladesh.

The residents of the area, who had been living together in peace for the past several decades, are in a complete state of disbelief and shock due to the sudden onset of increased anti-Muslim violence, which has been sparked by the political parties of India.

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