Designer Makes $100,000 From iPhone Icons In Less Than A Week

Black Icon Pack Of Monochrome Increased The Selling Range Of Icon Bundle

Black Icon Pack Of Monochrome Increased The Selling Range Of Icon Bundle

A designer has been able to earn around $100,000 in the time duration of one week by designing the application icons for Apple’s iPhone devices. The creator of new and innovative iPhone icons, which is known about social media as his online handle Traf, posted on his twitter feed to showcase his skills along with his weekly pay from Apple Incorporated.

The Black Icon Pack

Traf promoted his skill set on his online twitter profile, stating that he has the ability to create the right quality content at the right time when required. His iPhone icons designing skills have also been boosted by a famous YouTube tech-reviewer Marques Brownlee.

Traf has also noticed a newly acquired trend followed by numerous people globally that have apple products, especially iPhones, by sharing screenshots of the newly customized set of iPhone icons located on their home screens. The new iPhone icons and widget now come with the capability of color-coordination to make a much more pleasant user experience.

As compared to the Android user experience, which already allows their user to modify and customize the phone icons according to their taste and style, this is the first time when Apple has provided the option to their global customers to officially let their iPhone icons be customized and changed according to their own preference.

After the launch of the latest user interface of all Apple devices in September, iOS 14 let the user completely redesign the layout of their home screens. This new software update allowed Traf to share a screenshot on twitter of his minimalistic monochromatic design, which became an instant hit, as numerous users described it as a slick and clean design of iPhone icons and provide a dream-like aesthetic. For many iPhone users, this is the first time they have been able to completely customize their smartphones.

Showcase of Black icon pack by Marques Brownlee

Traf stated on his blog page that as soon as he posted the screenshot of his monochrome iPhone icon set, he instantly began to receive thousands of messages, due to which he quickly packaged his set of iPhone icons.

As there was no price range provided by Apple Inc., Traf began to charge his set of iPhone icons at $28. After sharing the price of his iPhone icons set, many people pointed out that this value point is way higher than average, but thousands of people still bought it to customize their Apple smart devices.

The sales of the monochromatic iPhone icons bundle increased significantly after it was showcased by Marques Brownlee, a well-known technology reviewer on YouTube with his subscriber list over 12 million individuals. After the video had more than 4 million views on YouTube, the Black icon pack of monochrome iPhone icons has now made more than $140,000 by selling the icon bundle to more than 5,000 customers worldwide.

According to Traf, who is an icon designer based in San Francisco, this is an unimaginable result on his part, as he has been able to make around $140,000 in just the time period of six days by selling his iPhone icons pack. He said that those individuals who are hoping to imitate and reproduce his successful iPhone icon bundle should not make use of the trends online, which have already been made by other people.

Traf stated that if he was only looking forward to making money by selling his customized monochromatic iPhone icons, he would not have been this successful. He also gave advice that all individuals should do things that they enjoy while doing and share it with the rest of the world; the rest is up to the fast-paced internet nowadays to do the rest for you.

Marques Brownlee also showed his support for Traf and congratulated him on his immense success in making something great and new.

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