Democratic Party has gone too far left

Due to changes in Democratic Party; we are going to have the more leftist party

Democratic Party has gone too far left

Recent Democratic Party candidates indicate one reality as they take a too left position in US politics. The United States has historically taken a stance that is closer to the right. To be simple, the Republican Party in the US is considered to be towards the center-right, and the Democratic Party is to the center-left. Both are moderate as a policy change in US politics does not occur considerably. It is a good sign as well because it causes stability.

However, recent Democratic Party candidates in 2020 primaries have provided evidence that the party has gone too far left. According to a survey, half of Americans think so that the party has taken too far left position.

President Donald Trump’s role in US politics also needs a careful analysis that has taken a hard stance on many issues. Immigration policy is at the top of the list. He has no doubt benefited the US economy improving employment. He claims the US has achieved new milestones of success during his tenure. However, it is a fact too that he has made the Republican Party too right. So far as surveys are concerned, less than 50 percent of Americans think so.

Democratic socialism means that we must create an economy that works for all, not just the very wealthy.

Bernie Sanders American Politician

Trump’s Republican Party has taken a journey to the right, but it seems understandable. The unique nature of President Trump as an individual does not make it strange. His political campaign to become President of the United States has not witnessed any kind of compromises or defensive stance. He speaks openly about what he wants to communicate.

Voices against his hard-line arguments and views keep coming out of the Republican Party but recent success in the impeachment trial indicates his grip on the party. All this shows that his personality and style have become acceptable to everyone. In this context, less has been discussed about the Democratic Party.

Positions are taken by Democratic Candidates

The long list of Democratic Party candidates for nomination has gone short after Iowa Caucus Results 2020. Buttigieg, Sanders, Warren, and Biden have come forward as top candidates. Sanders and Warren are progressive and have taken a harder line than the rest of the two top candidates from the party. Their positions include offering one health insurance system run by the government. They want the elimination of private health insurance.

Another position is to go to the “Green New Deal”. This deal involves a massive overhaul in the generation and consumption of energy in this country. The other two prominent positions are also sensitive and have considerable pros and cons. They support mandatory buyback of weapons of assault, AR-15s, and AK-47s. They also want to decriminalize illegal immigration.

General Position of US People

Positions taken by democratic candidates do not mean that all four candidates have reached consensus over them. Similarly, many US people do not favor these positions. It means that a large number of Americans are there on both sides of these positions.  It raises concerns for the Democratic Party as well, which may not feel satisfied with this situation.

The moderate voice in the ranks of Democratic Party running for the primary is not going to get popular. Biden and Buttigieg do not have overwhelming popularity. Sanders’ popularity is increasing with each passing day. As a result, concerns are that the Democratic Party may be too liberal or left to beat President Trump.

After all, it is a fact that the Democratic Party has gone too left. Some analysts link this tendency with the reaction to President Trump and bitter primary election between Sanders and Hillary Clinton in 2016. Whatever the reason is, change has taken place, and we have to live with this reality. It is not a bad idea to see an ideologically strong leftist challenging too rightist Trump in US Presidential Elections 2020.