Coronavirus Pandemic Has Boosted Demand For Cosmetic Surgery

Patients Can Heal Their Scars, Bruises, and Swollen Areas While Staying At Home

Patients Can Heal Their Scars, Bruises, and Swollen Areas While Staying At Home

There has been a rapid surge in the number of demands for cosmetic surgery amid the coronavirus pandemic as the previous COVID-19 positive patients are hiding their marks that they acquired during treatment. Even though most of the businesses have closed down amid the coronavirus pandemic lockdown across the world, but the vast majority of plastic surgery clinics have remained open. The clinics followed strict preventive measures inside their facility, including testing for COVID-19 and frequent sanitization and cleaning of the area.

Numerous plastic surgery clinics in Japan, United States, Australia, and South Korea have seen a rapid rise in the demand for cosmetic surgery, including Botox, lip fillers, rhinoplasty, and facelifts. The nationwide lockdown helped these patients heal completely and easily while staying at home and not being able to go outside on a daily basis. The quarantine period helped many patients stay in their houses and fully recover back without letting the rest of the people know regarding their plastic surgery as the area is swollen and bruised right after the treatment.

 Plastic surgeries amid coronavirus pandemic

There has been a huge rise in demand for cosmetic surgery amid the coronavirus pandemic as the quarantine allows the patients to fully recover back to normal while staying safe in their homes. In the past several years, before the coronavirus pandemic affected the world, those individuals who were considering for plastic surgeries have to factor in the healing time period after the treatment. But due to the nationwide lockdowns implemented after coronavirus outbreak, all potential individuals who were considering cosmetic surgery can easily take the treatment.

As the demand for cosmetic surgery has increased rapidly amid the coronavirus pandemic, the patients don’t have to worry about their bruised and swollen face during recovery. If they need to go outside of their homes, masks are necessary for entering any facility and shop, by which they can easily hide their scars and bruises.

The first country that experienced a rapid rise in demand for cosmetic surgery was South Korea, which is also famous for its plastic surgeries worldwide. Instead of implementing a strict nationwide lockdown, the government of South Korea imposed a social distancing protocol that encourages the general population of the country to work while staying safe inside their home.

There has been a decline in the amount of foreign visiting patients; however, the local population demand for cosmetic surgery has risen due to which several clinics have provided discounts for their local customers. The numbers for cosmetics treatment patients have increased continuously. Statistically, the number of patients has increased by fifty percent as compared to last year.

Increased Patient count during coronavirus lockdown

There has been an increased demand for online inquiries that provide the opportunity to have consultations online and prepare for treatment in advance for their trip as soon as the travel restrictions are lifted in the region. Even though Japan has not implemented any lockdown restrictions, the whole country was under the state of emergency until 31 May, during which the region’s plastic surgery clinics saw a rapid rise in the number of patients contracting for treatment. Due to the increasing demand for cosmetic surgery in Japan, the healthcare authorities advised people to stay at home, which would prevent further spread of coronavirus infection in the region.

The main reason due to which there has been an increased influx in demand for cosmetic surgery is that outpatients do not have a strict schedule to follow. The lockdown period allows patients to heal completely and take their prescribed medication on time. Icing, which is essential after the facial treatment, can be done without any hassle. Those patients that have done their treatments recently do not have to suffer from any social issue as every individual is wearing face masks when they travel outside of their homes.

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