Defense Ministry of Lithuania forces people not to use Chinese phones

Censorship capabilities are built-in the recently launched Xiaomi 10T Pro smartphone

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A public warning has been given by the Defense Ministry of Lithuania, in which they have advised the general population, which are currently using Chinese phones, should throw them away along with avoiding buying new ones in the future. A report has been given by the National Cyber Security Centre, where they have run multiple tests of 5G smartphones from Chinese tech manufacturing firm.

It has been claimed that one of the models by Xiaomi had censorship tools built-in the device, while another smartphone by Huawei had multiple security flaws that might provide third party access to the sensitive data of the consumer.

The Defense Deputy Minister of Lithuania Margiris Abukevicius recommended to the general population not to further buy any Chinese phones and should get rid of the ones that are already in your possession as fast as possible.

Censorship by Xiaomi

The recently launched flagship smartphone by Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi, Mi 10T 5G smartphone, has been found to have an existing software present on its firmware that has the capability to detect and censor various terms, including democracy movement, long live Taiwan independence, and Free Tibet.

It has been highlighted in the report regarding the Chinese phone by Lithuania national cybercrime department that more than 449 different terms are allowed to be censored by the smartphone manufactured by Xiaomi through their system application, including the default internet browser.

In Europe, these capabilities in Chinese phones have been switched off on some selected models, although it has been argued by the report that censorship can easily be allowed to become activated remotely.

According to the spokesperson of Xiaomi, the devices by the firm do not have any censor communication software made for their consumers. Xiaomi has never restricted or blocked any kind of personal behaviors among their smartphone users, such as calling, searching, web browsing, or utilizing any third-party application for communication. Xiaomi is a firm that is completely GDPR compliant.

It has recently been researched that all devices by Xiaomi are transferring phone usage data that has been encrypted to a separate server that is located in Singapore.

The National Cyber Security Centre of Lithuania also said that this information that has recently been uncovered regarding Chinese phones is not only limited to Lithuania but all other countries in which Xiaomi products are being used.

The smartphone-making firm has soaring popularity with affordable devices and has seen a rise of 64% in its revenue in the second quarter of this year as compared to the previous one, and is now on the second number after Samsung.

Huawei P40 smartphone

The report has also made some highlighted points regarding a flaw that has been found in the recently launched Huawei P40 5G smartphone device, which has put its users at a major risk of suffering from multiple cyber-security breaches.

A joint statement has been given by the National Cyber Security Centre and Lithuania Ministry of Defense in which they had stated that the official application story of Huawei called AppGallery is able to direct all of its users to a third-party e-store where several of the applications present have been accessed by using an anti-virus program and had been found to be infected and malicious.

A spokesperson from Huawei has told in a public interview that the firm is abiding by the regulations and laws that are placed in counties where they are majorly operating and has a priority regarding privacy breaches and cyber-security issues.

It has been assured by the Chinese phone-making firm that the data of the consumer is never processed outside of the device. The AppGallery is only able to collect and process the amount of data that is necessary to allow the user to reach success on to its searched item, install and later manage all of the third-party applications, in the same exact manner in which all the other app stores work.

Several security checks are performed on a regular basis by Huawei to ensure that its users are only able to download the applications that are fully safe to use and would not corrupt their device.

Another device has been examined, which is a 5G model by OnePlus, but no security concern is had been found on the device.

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