Deepika Padukone Questioned In Drugs Case

Bollywood Celebrity Has Possible Ties To Shushant Singh Rajput's Suicide Case

Bollywood Celebrity Has Possible Ties To Shushant Singh Rajput's Suicide Case

Deepika Padukone, one of the highest-paid actresses in the Bollywood industry, is being questioned regarding her possible link to the death of another Bollywood star Shushant Singh Rajput. The investigation is being led by the narcotics board of India, and Deepika Padukone is being interrogated along with six other Bollywood celebrities, which include two female film stars.

The last girlfriend of the deceased, Rhea Chakraborty, has been arrested as a person of interest in this case as she has been charged with allegedly buying narcotic substances for Shushant. All claims have been denied by Ms. Chakraborty regarding her involvement in this case.

Deepika Padukone’s possible involvement in attempted murder

The death of Shushant Singh Rajput had circulated over the national and international media for several months after his demise, fuelled further by his Bollywood movie, which has been adapted over a Hollywood film and a young adult novel by the same name. India’s Narcotics Control Bureau has enlarged their field of investigation in the case of Shushant Singh Rajput, which leads to the alleged involvement of Deepika Padukone, which concerns drugs and narcotics.

Deepika Padukone, along with Shraddha Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan, was held for questioning separately for six hours by the NCB on Saturday. Another allegedly involved Bollywood star Rakul Preet Singh, was also brought for questioning regarding this case on Friday. Until now, no prominent charges have been filed by the NCB over the Bollywood icons brought in for interrogation.

Shushant Singh Rajput, a famous Bollywood celebrity, died at the age of 34 while inside his Mumbai flat on June 14, which was labeled as a suicide attempt by the police department at that time. Soon after, the family of the deceased filed a complaint against his most recent girlfriend, Rhea Chakraborty, accusing her of crimes, including abetment to his suicidal attempt, all of which have been denied by her.

This case of attempted murder of Shushant Singh Rajput has possible involvement of Deepika Padukone is now under thorough investigation by three different federal agencies. It has also been claimed by the NCB Officials that the local drug dealers who have been interrogated have provided the names of a few of other Bollywood actresses with possible involvement in this case.

Case regarding the cause of death of Shushant Singh

The NCB is conducting two investigations consecutively. The first one is regarding the Rhea Chakraborty and her brother, along with Shushant’s house manager. All three individuals have been arrested by the NCB for the alleged corporation and funding the possible consumption of illegal narcotic substances, including cannabis, but the alleged crime has been denied by the suspects.

The other investigation is a follow-up to the first one, which is increasingly widespread of drug abuse in the Bollywood industry that is escalating every day in which Deepika Padukone is being questioned.

As a part of the in-depth interrogation by the NCB, WhatsApp chat messages are also being used as evidence, as it has been claimed by the NCB Officials that possible discussion regarding the consumption of drugs has been made in a conversation with Chakraborty. Even though the consumption and selling of marijuana are termed illegal in India, its derivative, commonly called bhang, has been termed legal across the country and is commonly used by the masses.

Deepika Padukone has been interrogated based on her conversation on WhatsApp regarding illegal narcotic substances with her manager, but no proper detail has been provided by the Officials.

It is also rumored that Deepika Padukone is being targeted unfairly, as she visited an Indian university where a team of students was allegedly attacked by a mob of another rival group of students with possible links to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s political party. The rival group has accused Deepika Padukone of trying to gain fame and publicity for her upcoming Bollywood film.

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