Deadly Tornadoes Are Battering the Southern US States

Many Lives Lost Along With the Destruction of Thousands of Households

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It has been reported that many people have died after the tornadoes and flooding which have occurred in the United States. Deadly tornadoes are battering the southern US states, including Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. Due to this harsh nature’s act, more than 900,000 households are suffering from a power outage on early Monday morning. Due to as these deadly tornadoes are battering the southern US states, 13 deaths have been confirmed in several states up till Sunday, out of which three occurred in Mississippi.

Damage of lives and property due to tornadoes

As the deadly tornadoes are battering the southern US states in the last couple of days, thousands of individuals are suffering from it amid coronavirus pandemic. In Georgia, on Monday, a man died when a tree fell on his house. Hundreds of homes have been destroyed in Louisiana, members of households only suffered minor injuries.

It is now being reported that earlier, which deadly tornadoes are battering the southern US states, but the storm is now moving towards north, threatening to hit the states on the East Coast of the United States. Thousands of trees have broken down along with the majority of households and damage to parks and other public places since the deadly tornadoes are battering the southern US states for the last few days.

The government of Mississippi has declared a state of emergency over these storms. First responders and firefighter staff has been working round the clock during the storms to help the general population and their property, which has disrupted the celebrations of Easter.

Multiple phone calls have been received regarding the people injured due to the storms, but the extent of the injuries is yet to be reported. An unconfirmed number of fatalities and serious injuries are being treated in Mississippi due to the deadly tornadoes are battering the southern US states. Extensive damage has been reported in the town of Soso.

Tornado watch issued across the Southern US

As of April 13, the weather service has received 25 reports of tornadoes across the southern border of the United States on Easter Sunday. Around 95 million individuals living across 20 states in the United States are facing the threat of suffering from grave and critical weather on Easter Sunday and Monday. Tornadoes’ watches have been issued over the region of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama.

As deadly tornadoes are battering the southern US states, it has been experienced in Mississippi that strong winds of 200 mph have destroyed hundreds of acres of property as a tornado was seen in the ground area of over 100 miles.

Shelter against storms and tornadoes during COVID-19 lockdown

The vast majority of the citizens of the United States are under strict orders to stay at home amid coronavirus lockdown to decrease the threat of the further spread of the infection as more than 566,654 individuals have been confirmed with having the virus in their bloodstream out of which 22,877 people have died. The numbers are continuing to rise even after it has been urged by the government to follow social distancing and unnecessary travel.

As deadly tornadoes are battering the southern US states, safe rooms and community shelters are being provided by the government in those areas which are severely affected by the storms and strong winds. All necessary preventive measures would be followed by all individuals who are seeking protections inside these community safe houses against the drastic weather conditions.

It is being advised to provide an advance shelter plane to provide smooth safety procedures during the immediate evacuation from tornado and storms. The state of emergency has been declared in several states in America, which suspends the COVID-19 mitigation against the public gathering.

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