Deadly Suicide Bombing Attack Hits Kandahar Mosque During Friday Prayers in Afghanistan

Three Different Explosions at A Shia Mosque During Friday Afternoon Worship, Killing 37 Individuals

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At least about 37 individuals have been killed while 70 people have suffered from traumatic injuries after three consecutive explosions had occurred in a Shia Mosque on Friday afternoon during prayer in the city of Kandahar, located in Afghanistan. Soon after today’s suicide bombing attack, it was visualized that all windows inside the Bibi Fatima Mosque had been shattered, and multiple dead bodies were lying on the ground. Several other worshippers present in the mosque were trying to help others.

Kandahar mosque explosion

According to a local reporter in the area, three different suicide bombers had been eye-witnessed by the people present inside the mosque before the explosion tore through the entire mosque. The suicide bombing attack comprised of three separate bombs that were detonated through a remote device, one near the entrance of the mosque, while two others were blasted inside the main building.

The Friday afternoon prayers are the busiest congregation for the Muslims throughout the entire week, and the mosque had been completely full of worshippers during the time of the suicide bombing attack. About 15 ambulances had been called at the scene of the explosion soon afterward to provide immediate medical interventions to the injured people.

The special forces of the Taliban have been able to secure the site of the suicide bombing attack in Kandahar and have requested the local citizens to donate as much blood as possible to help in the speedy recovery of the victims of the explosion.

The responsibility of the attack has not yet been claimed by any group in Afghanistan, but it is being expected that a local branch of the Islamic State Group, IS-K is behind the suicide bombing attack on Friday. The city of Kandahar is the second-largest city of Afghanistan and has the significance of being the Taliban’s spiritual birthplace.

It means that an attack that had occurred in this city and Is-K is possibly behind it means that the group is becoming extremely hostile towards the forces of the Taliban, which is a significant development.

Kunduz suicide blast

On Friday in the previous week, a suicide bombing attack had been reported to have occurred inside a Shia Mosque during the afternoon while the worshippers were offering prayers in the city of Kunduz, which is located on the north side of Afghanistan, leading to the death of about 50 individuals. It has been claimed by the IS-K that are entire suicide bombing attack on the mosque had been orchestrated and carried out by them.

The attack had occurred in the Said Abad Mosque, which is generally used as a place of worship by the community of Shia Muslims of the city. Due to the explosion, more than 100 individuals have been injured.

A suicide bomber of the IS had detonated a vest killed with explosives as more than 300 worshippers had entered inside the mosque to offer Friday prayers. The attack on Friday had been condemned by the United Nations, saying that it had been the third fatal attack that had occurred in the second week of October, which is apparently aiming at religious establishment and is an alarming pattern of violence.

The Islamist group of IS-K has become one of the deadliest insurgent groups in the region after the departure of the United States military forces from the region in the month of August. The IS-K is a Sunni Muslim group, which comprises some of the most violent and extremist jihadist militia in Afghanistan.

The group has been reported to have targeted the security forces of Afghanistan, along with the nation’s ministers and politicians, the Taliban forces along with some of the religious minorities that are present in the country, including Sikhs, Shia Muslims, United States, and Nato deployed forces and international agencies which also include aiding organizations.

The Shia Muslims have been targeted by some Sunni Muslim extremists in multiple suicide bombing attacks, as they are seen as heretics.

Soon after the withdrawal of the foreign military forces from Afghanistan, the control of the entire country has been taken over by the Taliban, since the end of the month of August, following an agreement between the Taliban and the United States. This deal has occurred after 20 years of conduction of military operations to remove the militias in the region from power.

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