Deadly protest in Delhi during Trump’s visit to India

Was the violence orchestrated to be amid the tour?

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There has been a series of violent eruptions since Monday between the Hindus and Muslims regarding the new Citizen Amendment Act (CAA), which was passed later last week. This act includes fast track citizenship of Hindus, Jews, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Parsi from all immigrant countries, including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, who arrived in India before 2015, but it does not include and accept Muslims to be the citizens of India.

Around 14.2% of India’s population is Muslims, which comprised of around 200 million individuals and is the largest country with this much Muslim population in a non-Muslim country.

It is suggested by the Ministry of Home Affairs that the deadly protest in Delhi during Trump’s visit to India was scheduled to happen at this specific time to mark a rather unpleasant experience for the President of the United States of America that might serve as a hindrance in the alliance to be formed between the two countries.

During the deadly protest in Delhi during Trump’s visit to India, many people were seriously injured and admitted to hospitals due to the massive trauma. Amid the injured, thirteen individuals, including a policeman, lost their lives to the cause up till now.

Local’s reaction to violence and deadly protest in Delhi during Trump’s visit to India

The locals gathered in Shaheen Baag, one of the main places in Delhi and the epicenter for anti-CAA protests has a Muslim majority. Deadly protest in Delhi during Trump’s visit to India that was held on Monday, February 24, 2020, people started coming in the morning and were talking about the events in low voices. They had gone to northeast Delhi from Shaheen Baag the previous day to meet some people.

The gathering was peaceful, but the violence started when a local party member debated with the Muslim protestors who were peacefully blocking a road in the area. During this, a Hindu mob started gathering, which was later turned into violence. Amid the violence, a Hindu mob threw stones at protestors, injured several journalists who were later hospitalized, burned down several local business shops in the area, and were even photographed during beating of a Muslim man to a pulp with baseball bats and sticks.

Many different houses, cars, and shops are burned down and smoke and rubble-filled the area; the place had an uncanny resemblance with a war zone, which is rather disturbing. The violent acts of Hindus have turned inhumane towards the Muslims and are condemnable.

Police are now taking a strict action towards the savage acts of Hindus by using tear gas and lathi sticks to break apart the deadly protest in Delhi during Trump’s visit to India.

The protestors wanted a peaceful protest without any use of violence and increasing tensions between the two major religious factions in India. The Citizen Amendment Act, which was passed last year and has been called as anti-Muslim by critics, is the major source of protests and episodes of violence since it was passed last year. Major clashes and deadly protests in Delhi during Trump’s visit to India have increased in intensity as the demonstrations in Delhi were peaceful up till now.

When asked about the violence to Trump, the United States President evaded the question and said that this is up to the Indian government about how it will be handled. However, according to Donald J Trump, he brought up the issues related to religious freedom in India and was very impressed with the reply by the Indian Prime Minister.

Narinder Modi, current Prime Minister of India, was embarrassed as the spotlight was taken by the deadly protest in Delhi during Trump’s visit to India rather than to the two days tour, which was prepared somewhat lavishly amid the violence.

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