Dangerous Side Effects of Malaria and HIV Drugs for Coronavirus Cure

Ingesting Without Prescription Could Lead To Death

Don’t Be a Quack and Never Take Malaria and HIV Drugs for Coronavirus Cure without Prescription

Dangerous side effects of malaria and HIV drugs for coronavirus cure are being seen in multiple patients who have injected these drugs while being infected with the virus and are now causing harmful side effects along with making their medical condition worse as three CVID 19 patients have potentially died after self-medicating themselves with these drugs. The World Health Organization made an announcement on Friday regarding conducting a large global trial regarding useful and dangerous side effects of malaria and HIV drugs for coronavirus cure.

Side effects of ingesting non prescribed drugs

More than 30 individuals who were experiencing symptoms of COVID 19 have been reported with serious side effects of cardiac disorders after ingesting hydroxychloroquine. The drug is mainly prescribed to be used for the treatment of malaria, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis and in no condition should be used for self-medication.

The number of cases of dangerous side effects of malaria and HIV drugs for coronavirus cure has increased after American President Donald Trump authorized the usage of hydroxychloroquine for treatment of COVID 19, which was immediately followed by a surge in sales of these drugs across the country.

Self-medicating with other drugs that are used to treat HIV, including antibiotic azithromycin and Kaletra, a combination of two ant rivals- lopinavir and ritonavir. Multiple countries are testing the dangerous side effects of malaria and HIV drugs for coronavirus cure during the pandemic, which has spread in 204 countries and territories worldwide. Health authorities are warning the general population against its usage as ingesting these medications while having COVID 19 will increase the chances of heart attacks and even cause death.

During the previous week, a man has died in the United States after self-medicating himself with hydroxychloroquine after Trump announced it to be a medical game-changer. The wife of the deceased man, who also ingested chloroquine, is in a critical condition and under strict hospital care.

Multiple pieces of research have been going on about the dangerous side effects of malaria and HIV drugs for coronavirus cure. One of the research shows that four out of five infected individuals with COVID 19 have been completely treated with chloroquine, an anti-malarial drug, but the research has not been published not peer-reviewed.

Usage of these drugs requires particular attention as the combination could lead to dangerous side effects of malaria and HIV drugs for coronavirus cure, which include myocardial infarction.

Why are health organizations using pre-existing drugs for COVID 19 treatment?

Around 15% of the infected COVID 19 are suffering through severe conditions and are admitted to medical facilities due to which they are overwhelmed and understaffed to cope through this situation, and immediate treatment is required for the disease.

Due to this condition around the world, forming a new cure compound from scratch would require years for development, testing and production, researchers along with health care facilities are now looking for repurposing already approved drugs currently being used for other diseases by the FDA and are safe for public consumption. They are also looking into unapproved drugs that have previously performed well during animal testing in response to other dangerous coronavirus, which include Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

Drugs that are used to slow down the infection and completely kill the novel coronavirus are called severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), which has the potential to cure and save the lives of those who are in critical condition. This medication could also be given to those health care workers who are working in direct contact with the COVID 19 patients to protect themselves from getting the infection. This treatment will also reduce the time period of hospital stay of severe COVID 19 patients, freeing critical hospital beds.

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