Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman accused of sending hit squad to Canada to kill a former intelligence official

The Mercenaries Were Stopped From Exiting The Airport By Canadian Border Security

The Mercenaries Were Stopped From Exiting The Airport By Canadian Border Security

The Crown Prince of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Mohammad bin Salman has been accused of sending hit squad to Canada, for the assassination of a former intelligence officer of the country. This failed attempt to murder Saad al-Jabri was some time after the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, a journalist in Turkey, after which court documents were allegedly filed in the United States.

Neutralizing of ex-spy of Saudi Arabia

Saal al-Jabri was previously a retired soldier for the government of KSA and had fled the country into exile for the past three years. Since then, he has been under the protection of a private security firm in Toronto. The kill order on Saad al-Jabri failed after the Canadian border security became suspicious of the dispatched hit squad to Canada at the Pearson International airport of Toronto, after which they were invalidated. Jabri was a key go-between individual between MI6, the British intelligence agency, and other Western secret service agencies with Saudi Arabia.

Complaint order against Mohammad bin Salman

There has been a thorough unproven complaint of 106 pages, which has been recently filed in Washington DC, which is accusing the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad bin Salman of the act of attempted murder of Saad al-Jabri by sending a hit squad to Canada, in order remove the risk of him spreading damning information to other spy agencies across the world.

Jabri has extremely sensitive information regarding Tiger Squad, a personal group of highly trained mercenaries along with documentations of alleged corruption in the country. The members of the Tiger squad are also involved in the extermination of Khashoggi, a dissident journalist who was murdered inside a consulate in the capital city of Turkey in the year 2018.

The documents in possession of United States court state that even though some other places also holds some humiliating and sensitive information regarding the defendant Mohammad bin Salman other than the memory and mind of Mr. Jabri, except the recordings made by him as he has already anticipated his execution for the last three years. Due to this, a hit squad to Canada was sent to remove Saad al-Jabri before the secrets of the Saudi crown prince are revealed to the rest of the world.

To save his life from Mohammad bin Salman, Mr. Jabri had fled the country to Canada via Turkey in 2017 and has been on the run ever since. He has also stated that the crown prince has made multiple efforts to bring him back to Saudi Arabia, including sending direct private messages to him, one of which read that they should certainly reach him. Mohammad bin Salman sent a hit squad to Canada to assassinate Saad al Jabri proves those allegations.

Less than two weeks after the death of Khashoggi, the Tiger Squad has traveled to Canada in an attempt to neutralize Jabri before he spills all secrets of Mohammad bin Salman. The court documentation that has been filed in the United States also states that the dispatched hit squad in Canada includes an individual who has been previously accused of the murder of Khashoggi, and the squad was carrying two complete forensics tool kits with them during their travel.

Saad al-Jabri is accusing the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia for an attempted extrajudicial murder that is in complete violation against the US Torture Victim Protection Act, along with breaching several international laws. No response was given by the government of Saudi Arabia regarding these allegations.

The Canadian government is completely against these actions as they will never tolerate behavior, which results in threatening the national security, or the safety of the residents of Canada after a hit squad in Canada has been sent to neutralize an ex-Saudi Spy.

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