COVID-19 Vaccinations Harm Fertility: Claims on Social Media

No Evidence till Now Gives Proof Regarding Adverse Effects of Pfizer Vaccine on Female Physiology

There have been various claims on social media regarding the administration of COVID-19 vaccination, as it has been rumored that the coronavirus vaccinations harm fertility in females, but no physical evidence has yet to be taken into account. There are numerous posts that have surfaced over the past several weeks which have incorrectly stated that the COVID-19 vaccination developed by the pharmaceutical firm Pfizer could possibly have adverse effects, including that vaccinations harm fertility in women or, in some cases, causes an autoimmune response that allows the body to attack its own healthy placental cells.

According to a professor in obstetrics currently working at the King’s College London and the spokesmen for the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Professor Lucy Chappell said that there had been no plausible mechanism inside the human body by which the COVID-19 vaccine currently being administered in various countries across the world could affect the fertility of a female individual. The comments that have been claimed on social media regarding the adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccinations harm fertility are wrong.

Working of coronavirus vaccine

The COVID-19 vaccine was developed to tackle the growing issue of the coronavirus pandemic, which has caused a massive global economic recession along with huge damage to the airline industry. Meanwhile, millions of individuals have died after being diagnosed with the deadly viral infection just within the time duration of one year.

This recently developed viable COVID-19 vaccination works by sending an encoded message to the living body with an enclosed blueprint, which helps and allows the body to develop a harmless yet small fragment of s distinctive spike of the coronavirus pathogen.

This administration into the bloodstream of the body prompts the immunologic system to begin its action by the production of white blood cells and antibodies, which would help in the combat against the viral pathogen. This also helps remember the body to immediately recognize and take action against the infection if it ever encounters it again.

This viable manufactured vaccine does not have viral properties and has no option for affecting the genetic makeup of any individual. However, the micro messenger particle has a very short life duration, as they are destroyed as soon as they deliver their designated message to the required place, and there are no vaccinations harm fertility in women. Due to which the Pfizer vaccine particularly had to be stored at a much-specified temperature during their transport and warehouse storage, as the genetic material present inside the vaccine could easily degrade.

Evidence regarding vaccinations harm fertility

On an online platform, certain people have pointed towards a line written in the previous version of the guidelines provided by the government of the United Kingdom which stated that it is yet to be known regarding the impact of the Pfizer vaccine on fertility, but no evidence is yet to be found regarding side effects of vaccinations harm fertility. Since then, the guide has been updated with a proper clarification that the studies on animals have not yet indicated any issue regarding the administration of vaccinations harm fertility or the reproductive system in general.

A major portion of the confusion for the rumors which says that the vaccination harms fertility is how the scientists describe a concept and how the general population understands it. When the researcher states that there is no evidence that vaccinations harm fertility, it means that there is yet to be a side effect observed during a long term clinical study, but it does not suggest that there would not be any harmful reaction of the vaccine on the human body ever.

In fact, it has been pointed out that a large amount of evidence has been collected from other virus vaccinations, including the vaccine for flu, that they do not have any effect on the fertility process and has been classified as completely safe and has even been recommended to women to consume during the gestation period.

After being infected with the viral pathogen of coronavirus, the infection could a=cause negative effects on fertility and female physiology, and it is very likely that the women could undergo complications in fertility in later years of life, but up till now, the claims surrounding that coronavirus vaccinations harm fertility are wrong and should not matter.

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