COVID-19 Returns To New Zealand After 102 Days

Four New Cases In A Single House Were Reported In Auckland

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The Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern has announced that the healthcare authorities have found four new confirmed coronavirus cases inside one household in the city of Auckland. Due to these new cases, COVID-19 returns to New Zealand after no new coronavirus case was diagnosed in the past 102 days in the country.  Until now, only 1,570 cases of COVID-19 infectious disease have been reported since the virus was first diagnosed in the country, out of which only 22 innocent lives were lost after they suffered from the intense critical condition associated with the viral disease. The local government has increased the preventive restriction to Level 3 in the city, and the rest of the country will be put into Level 2.

Across the city, all quarantine and isolation facilities have been put on standby to prevent a rapid escalation of coronavirus cases inside the region. Until Tuesday, New Zealand was the only country across the world that was able to diagnose, limit, isolate and eradicate the region from the coronavirus pandemic for the longest duration of 102 days, but the record has now broken as COVID-19 returns to New Zealand.

New coronavirus cases Auckland after 3 months

As COVID-19 returns to New Zealand, the entire city of Auckland, where the new recent cases are diagnosed, the entire city has been immediately put into the state of emergency lockdown for the time duration of three days. During the upcoming three days, all schools, offices, bars, restaurants, and retail shops will be closed down to limit and prevent further transmission of infection in the community.

In the next three days, the local concerning authorities of Auckland will completely access the situation and gather all required information, while trying to make sure that the widespread of the infection via contact tracing could be distinguished as COVID-19 returns to New Zealand. The government of New Zealand is ready if the country ever suffers from the second wave of coronavirus pandemic. Travelling to Auckland, the largest city of New Zealand, has been temporarily banned, only people living in the city or traveling back to their homes are allowed to enter the premises.

Four new confirmed coronavirus patients

In the last few days, a resident of Auckland in his 50s went to a nearby clinic to get his treatment as he was suffering from mild symptoms that are also associated with coronavirus. After being tested two times to be certain regarding the results, he was tested positive for the viral infection. After which the entire household of six members was tested for the disease, out of which three members were positive for the infection. Even though there was no history of any new coronavirus infected individual of traveling overseas in the last few weeks, COVID-19 returns to New Zealand.

Until Tuesday, the only known coronavirus cases in the country were the 22 travelers that have recently come back from abroad, and are being held in a quarantine center present at the border.

In the region, the life of the residents of the country had returned back to normal as no new coronavirus case was reported in the previous three months. Restaurants and bars were opened with complete dine-in facility and stadiums were packed with people watching the rugby game as the fear of getting infected by the deadly virus was reduced to a minimum, but COVID-19 returns to New Zealand. Even though no new case was reported, the use of face masks while traveling outside of homes was compulsory. The new cases of viral infection reported in Auckland, as COVID-19 returns to New Zealand was just six weeks before the polls for the general elections in the country.

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