COVID 19 Might Wipe Out Indigenous People of Brazil

Measures Have Been Taken By the Tribal Communities to Fight against the Pandemic

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The worldwide pandemic of COVID 19 might wipe out indigenous people of Brazil and the Amazon region as they do not have the required immunity to slightly protect them against the virus. Multiple respiratory diseases, including influenza, have been the major cause in wiping out thousands of individuals living in these native communities as their bodies are not strong enough to tackle the infections.

COVID 19 might wipe out indigenous people of Brazil and several other native communities living in the South American region as 11,000 confirmed deaths have already been reported, which were caused by COVID 19 since its outbreak in December of the previous year.

How did COVID 19 spread in the region?

Initially, the spread of COVID 19 was restricted to the Sao Paulo’s industrialized area, which has now spread across the whole country, which includes the certain Amazon region which is large enough to cover the area of Spain and France, where indigenous people resides. The first case of the pandemic was diagnosed In the Amazonas state, but it is expected that COVID 19 might wipe out indigenous people of Brazil and other multiple native tribes that are residing in the area.

According to the researchers who are working on the coronavirus crisis in the region, COVID 19 might wipe out indigenous people of Brazil and the surround areas, similar to the outcome of the previous viral outbreaks of highly contagious diseases related to the respiratory system including measles. The Previous measles outbreak in the 1960s killed 9% of the community, which was among the members of the Yanomami tribe. All age groups get sick from the virus, but old people could not suffer through it and dies, taking with them their social organization and wisdom of the community.

Along with having no soap and water to frequently eliminate the virus from close proximity, the people of the tribes live in enclosed quarters and share their utensils which will help the virus spread more quickly from one individual to another that would increase the risk of COVID 19 might wipe out indigenous people of Brazil and multiple other tribes which are living in the surrounding area.

The members of the tribes are urged not to share their bowls and glasses with anyone and to follow seclusions practices, which are common in tribes for those individuals who might be suspected to be infected with the coronavirus. The tribal communities of Amazon should take strict actions against coronavirus as COVID 19 might wipe out indigenous people of Brazil as they do not have immediate access to any health care facility, particularly intensive care units to take care and treat COVID 19 infected patients.

Measure of the fight against the pandemic by the tribes

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, which is plaguing the entire world, larger tribes would divide and travel in smaller groups due to the risk as COVID 19 might wipe out indigenous people of Brazil and Amazon tribes.

Smaller groups will scatter and take refuge in the Amazon forest, which is a proven method used by them during previous pandemics to avoid the prospect of extinction of their community. The material needed for fishing and hunting will be gathered along with setting up camps until the risk regarding COVID 19 pandemic eliminates completely.

The division of tries into smaller teams and to spread far and wide across the forest is the best decision the people could come up with as most of the communities lack the requirements for personal hygiene.

No comment has been made by the government of Brazil regarding the indigenous people during COVID 19 pandemic. The tribal community makes up 0.5% of the total general population of the country, and measures should be taken to save the lives of the members of these communities as they do not have the required facilities to fight against the global pandemic themselves.

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