Canadian COVID-19 Gargle Test For Students Ages 4 To 19

Gargle Test Has The Same Accuracy As The Cotton Swab Test But Fast And Pain-Free

Gargle Test Has The Same Accuracy As The Cotton Swab Test But Fast And Pain-Free

Across the world, the current standardized coronavirus test requires a cotton swab, which helps get sample tissue from the nasal sinus and inside the throat tissue lining. While performing this COVID-19 test, the individual suffers from sharp shooting pain, which could become very discomforting for the time being.

To solve the issue of suffering from frequent pain, especially in children, while the British Columbia’s Canadian province has recently launched a new COVID-19 gargle test, which is very easy to perform, and the individuals do not have to suffer from any additional pain and discomfort while performing.

Coronavirus gargle test for children

This COVID-19 gargle test has been specially made for children aged 4 years and above, to solve the hassle of crying children due to extreme shooting pain while performing the swab COVID-19 test. As the schools of British Columbia are opening soon, all children attending must have a copy of their negative test results before they are allowed to enter the school premises and attend academic classes.

The COVID-19 gargle test is the first one made of its kind and has the same accuracy as the cotton swab test for coronavirus while being much easier for administration in children.

This launch of the COVID-19 gargle test has come at the right time, as the demand for coronavirus tests have dramatically increased due to the escalating number of new active coronavirus cases being diagnosed in Canada. There is no concrete evidence that suggests the role of young children in further transmission of coronavirus infection, but according to the recent reports, it is being suggested that children might be the cause of rapid transmission of coronavirus infection, even if they have very mild or no symptoms at all.

The usage of the new COVID-19 gargle test is simple, normal saline water is taken in the mouth, where the individual should move it inside the mouth to take any and all infectious pathogens, and then spit the liquid inside a test tube for later testing. This method to test coronavirus infections in individuals is fast, reliable, and pain-free.

Public health officials of British Columbia stated that a complete accuracy of the test results between both the cotton swab test and the COVID-19 gargle test had been done, after which it has been detected that both methods for diagnosis of coronavirus infectious are similar in accuracy.

The COVID-19 gargle test was made to target the young child population, but another version of adult testing is also being developed and will be available soon. While the sample taking for the COVID-19 gargle test should be taken to a laboratory for complete testing, the administration of this test does not require healthcare personnel.

Escalation in COVID-19 cases

The average number of new active coronavirus cases being diagnosed has reached 849 on Friday, which, according to the public health officers, is being increased by individuals under the age of 40 across Canada. As compared with the previous month, September has seen the rise in new coronavirus cases up to 123%, as the seven-day average amount is at 380. If the conditions remain the same across the country, Canada might lose its ability to manage the coronavirus pandemic at a controllable level.

As the rate of coronavirus testing has increased, the positive rate of coronavirus tests is still remaining at 1.4% but is it being believed by the public health sector that is the active cases in the country remains to dramatically increase, and the management would not be able to adequately test the individuals along with keeping track of contact transmission and isolation of COVID-19 positive cases.

To control the increasing newly diagnosed coronavirus infection, Quebec has announced the spread of 1,000 law enforcement officers to control the gathering of individuals in restaurants and bars.

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