COVID-19 Cases Cross One Million In India

Death Rate Is Comparatively Low Despite A Huge Rise In Confirmed Cases

Death Rate Is Comparatively Low Despite A Huge Rise In Confirmed Cases

Across India, the total number of COVID-19 cases recorded has surpassed one million as the virus has surged across the country rapidly in just a few months. According to the new statistics, India has been rated at the top third position, after the United States and Brazil, for having the most coronavirus cases up till now since the viral pathogen was first diagnosed in Wuhan, China. These three countries were able to skip ahead of the one million records in just a matter of a few months.

Indian government against coronavirus pandemic

The number of active COVID-19 cases accounts for about one-third as the healthcare services are trying very hard to reduce the influx of patients and increasing the outflow by treating with antibiotics. The recovery rate of COVID-19 cases is very high as compared to the death toll, which is around 20% of the total confirmed cases of coronavirus. Since the virus was first diagnosed in the country, a total number of 25,664 deaths have been reported across India, marking it as the eighth country with the highest death rate across the world.

The number of COVID-19 cases has seen a rapid escalation in the past recent few weeks due to which it was able to surpass Russia, taking the third spot on the global list. Even though the first confirmed coronavirus case was diagnosed in the month of January, the infection spread slowly, which was due to the preventive implementations by the government, including stopping of all international flights and strict nationwide lockdown, which lasted for two months.

Even though the lockdown was initiated to prevent further transmission, but it has some consequences on the country’s economy and the general population. As soon as the lockdown was removed from several cities across India, the total number of COVID-19 cases soared across the region. By smartly using the opportunity to use the lockdown, Delhi and other cities across India used the time to trace, test, and isolate all confirmed COVID-19 cases to prevent further spread of infection. While the capital city of India observed a reduction in the number of new coronavirus cases, rural areas across the country reported a high rise in cases.

The biggest hotspot for coronavirus across the country is the state of Maharashtra, in which more than 280,000 were recorded. But as the total amount of new coronavirus cases is being diagnosed, potential new hotspots are also emerging, including Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, West Bengal, and Bihar. To prevent the rise in new COVID-19 cases, local lockdowns have been implemented by the local governments to prevent further spread of deadly infection.

Although the government of India has allowed the country to be fully reopened, multiple cities are still observing intermitted lockdowns, which is now becoming a new normal routine for the general population of those cities as the country is trying to wrestle against the deadly pandemic.

Low death rate of India

As compared to other countries with a high amount of confirmed coronavirus cases, India has the least number of deaths, suggesting that the healthcare system of India is doing something right without having any tested vaccine for the treatment of coronavirus infection.

As the lowest death rate of India, despite being the total cases raised above a million, people are questioning the authenticity of the deaths being reported. Some believe that the low death rate of India is because the government is providing false information, giving unreported death details to the World Health Organization. The death rate reported by India regarding the COVID-19 cases is also similar to other countries located besides India, like Bangladesh and Indonesia, despite having a large population and a huge amount of cases.

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