Coronavirus to go Pandemic or be contained

What do the scientists have to say about the outbreak?

Coronavirus to go pandemic or be contained, nobody knows.

Is Coronavirus to go Pandemic or be contained? This is a big question of the day. Coronavirus outbreak is the world’s topmost current issue that has been the cause of a major fear factor and is leading many people into isolation. Starting from the seafood market of Wuhan, China, this epidemic has spread to various areas around the globe due to no treatment issues as there is no proper vaccine discovered to put an end to this.

Due to the risk of spread of this novel virus, all passengers from every flight that departs from China, Hong Kong, Philippines and its neighboring countries are now being properly screened to rule out the people diagnosed with it when they land and quarantine or isolate them to further reduce the risk of coronavirus to go pandemic or be contained in a specific site.

Out of all the people being diagnosed, many of them are showing no symptoms associated with the disease as the virus is somehow getting advanced which is a red flag to the pathologists who are spending days and nights to try to learn about this fast-moving pathogen.

Even just after nearly two months of this virus getting airborne, the death toll has increased quite much with more than a thousand dead along with several thousand still infected and people isolated due to the high likelihood of coronavirus to go pandemic or be contained by all means.

Nobody was ready to fight with this virus, and due to this, there is the shortage of medical supplies along with the diagnostic pieces of equipment in china that has also caused major loopholes in the plan to reduce the risk factor associated with the coronavirus to go pandemic or be contained become a major liability.

Is Coronavirus to go Pandemic or be contained?

Other major countries are also trying their best to come up with a solution fast and using all of their available resources to counter the attacks that have been reported associated with this novel virus in the last couple of weeks. By the turns, this virus is taking, scientists are trying to predict its outcomes and the path it might take in the near future and estimate the fallout caused by the coronavirus.

The two main scenarios that are formed are either this coronavirus to go pandemic or be contained, one of which will be beneficial with the other playing a large hand in eliminating quite a chunk of the world’s increasing population, working in the disguise of a natural order of this global society’s biggest problem that is over population.

There is some hope of this virus to stop from it from getting further as the risk of increasing the spread of coronavirus was due to contact, but because nearly all the infected patients are quarantined and no possibility of additional contamination, there is a chance for this virus to die along with its host body and not to get its foothold elsewhere.

There is also the loophole in the contamination as many of the patients do not have any physical symptoms, so they cannot be distinguished and are major liabilities along with some who are having only mild ones and do not seek immediate medical attention in the plan of this novel virus going pandemic. But there is only a little evidence supporting the asymptomatic transmission of the disease.

Even if due to some reasons the coronavirus becomes global, the humanity will be stuck with this for an indefinite period and will prove as an endemic in the human population, just like the other types of coronavirus which are associated with severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), pneumonia, common cold and can also affect the gastrointestinal tract of mammals and humans alike.

It has been prescribed against the coronavirus; there should be a proper following of the health protocols along with masks and respirators to ensure your safety and survival.

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