Coronavirus Spoils New Year Celebrations This Year

Multiple Countries Have Been Put Under Lockdown to Curb Any Potential Surge of Infection Cases

New restrictive measures regarding coronavirus pandemic have been put into effect in numerous countries on the New Year celebrations around the world, as they are struggling to keep the rapidly surging active cases of the COVID-19 infection. All public gathering, including firework displays as part of the New Year celebrations have been cancelled throughout the globe from Sydney to New York.

All the scheduled festivities for the New Year Celebrations 2021 have been muted particularly in the region of Europe, as the fear rises in the general population regarding the infection new coronavirus variant, which has initially been diagnosed in the United Kingdom but has spread to other countries as well.

To prevent any surge of COVID-19 infection during the New Year Celebrations across the country, the government of France has announced to mobilize around 100,000 police officers to break up any party or celebrations on the eve of New Year, along with enforcement of a night-time curfew.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, more than 1.8 million individuals have died after being directly infection with the deadly viral pathogen since the start of the worldwide pandemic about one year ago. The number of confirmed COVID-19 infected patient count has increased to more than 81 million.

Coronavirus pandemic in countries of Asia-Pacific region

One of the first nations that would commemorate the New Year Celebrations around the world 2021 in Australia. The public fireworks display has been scheduled to go ahead, although no crowds are allowed to gather to enjoy the wonderful night time view at the city’s harbour. According to the premier of New South Wales Gladys Berejiklian, the local government does not want to increase the rate of transmission for the coronavirus infection during the New Year Celebrations 2021.

Most of the residents located across the capital city of Sydney would be enjoying the majestic fireworks on their television screens while being inside their homes, where the gathering of individuals has also been limited to only five guests during the New Year Celebrations.

In China, the annual event of the New Year light show that was scheduled to be held in Beijing has been cancelled to prevent the local transmission of the deadly viral pathogen, along with all the other New Year Celebrations have also been enforced to be scaled down in multiple cities throughout the country.

The traditional New Year Celebratory event in Japan has also been cancelled, usually during which the Emperor of the country Naruhito, accompanied by the other members of the royal family greet the general population of the country.

In the South Asian country of India, major cities like Delhi have imposed a night-time curfew along with other restrictive measures to prevent any large crowding or gathering that might occur for the New Year Celebrations.

Although in New Zealand, the lockdown restrictions for the prevention of coronavirus pandemic have been implemented along with shutting down of international borders to help in the elimination of COVID-19, the New Year Celebrations 2021 will be held as per the previous schedule.

European New Year Celebrations 2021

The government of France has ordered in the urban areas for a visible security presence from 8:00 pm on Thursday, from when the night-time curfew would be initiated. In the city of Paris, around 50% of the metro lines running throughout the capital city would be shut down in the evening hours of the New Years Eve.

France now has to impose two lockdowns, which prevent the opening of any restaurant, bars and cultural attraction sites across the country, which would be kept shut down into the new year.

In England, where the new strain of the COVID-19 infection is transmitted at a very rapid rate, due to which around 20 million residents located in some of the worst-affected areas enforced to stay inside their homes, while the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson urged the general population to follow the restrictive measures during the New Year Celebrations in an attempt to curb the rapidly surging cases of the viral infection.

The preventive measures include no invitation for additional family members living outside of the same household for the New Year Celebrations, and avoidance of any large get together of any sort. While in Ireland and Germany, the countries have been put under nationwide lockdown for the New Year Celebrations potential coronavirus surge.

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