Coronavirus Returns To Beijing: Flights Halted And Schools Are Shut

The Infection Was In Circulation Inside The Xinfadi Marketplace For Weeks

Flights Halted And Schools Are Shut

The local government of the capital of China has imposed a partial lockdown across the city due to the rising fear for the second wave of coronavirus. Numerous airlines have canceled their scheduled flights to and from the city as coronavirus returns to Beijing. Multiple residential blocks have been sealed across Beijing to prevent further transmission of the infection across the area. These strict implementations have been done along with testing of tens of thousands of civilian residents for COVID-19 in areas that are more prone to the rapid escalation of the infection.

Coronavirus outbreak in China again after complete elimination

The general population of the area that has been completely sealed as coronavirus returns to Beijing. The residents are complaining and suffering from multiple issues, including limited food delivery option. The local government of the Chinese capital city has implemented multiple preventive measures across the city to prevent further spread of the virus. These recent protective implications are less severe as compared to the preventive measures implemented across China to prevent the rapid spread of the contagious disease.

The outbreak of coronavirus returns to Beijing, bringing back the traumatizing memories associated with the first wave of the infection. This recent wave of coronavirus serves as a constant reminder for the general population of the country that even though they have developed their country to become a very superpower nation in the world, complete with its high technology surveillance types of equipment and other exclusive automotive machinery, a small virus could initiate a disruptive and triggering reactions and restrictions.

Government’s reaction towards the coronavirus outbreak in China

The Chinese Communist Party prevented the country from the rapid escalation of coronavirus cases by using a very tough approach to limit the virus. The party was very triumphed by able to eradicate the city of 21 million people from the biggest threat nowadays. But as coronavirus returns to Beijing, the Communist Party’s credibility is at risk.

The party’s official located in China, along with Chinese Communists Party’s secretary Cai Qi is currently in charge of controlling the outbreak as coronavirus returns to Beijing. The flaring of COVID-19 positive cases in the capital city of China was first reported in the largest marketplace of Beijing. After which the Xinfadi food market was shut down as 45 businessmen along with their equipment, were found to be infected with the coronavirus.

The scale of the spreading of coronavirus infection is very limited and controlled as compared to the initial rapid escalation of coronavirus in Wuhan. The preventive protocol being followed inside Beijing is also very limited when compared to the full scale of measures implemented to eradicate Wuhan from coronavirus. After the recent outbreak as coronavirus returns to Beijing, the new confirmed coronavirus cases reported in the country have reached 137.

The general population of the capital appears to be resigned rather than panicked after the spike in new coronavirus cases in the city. Even though these recent newly diagnosed cases did not affect the morale of the residents of the city, about 60% of the scheduled departure flights were canceled due to fear of spreading of contagious infection.

This sudden resurgence of coronavirus infection could trigger doubt in multiple people who were traveling to Beijing for multiple reasons, including studying abroad. The local government has prohibited travel outside the city except for those individuals who are tested negative for coronavirus.

Multiple Fast food chains and restaurants have been shut down to prevent further transmission of the infection as coronavirus returns to Beijing. The normal routine in the capital city of China had just returned less than two weeks ago. The local government was confident that the eradication of coronavirus inside this area was complete and finalized.

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