Coronavirus Outbreak Worsened In Melbourne

Ten Postal Code Areas Have Been Put Under Lockdown in the City

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For the last several months, the government of Australia has tried its best to contain the coronavirus pandemic. But due to certain factors, the coronavirus outbreak worsened in Melbourne and has a bad overall effect on the containment of COVID-19 across Australia. With the help of the country’s military force, around 300,000 individuals have been ordered to go back into their homes for the lockdown to prevent a further outbreak in the area.

As there has been a new wave of coronavirus in Australia, the situation has worsened in Melbourne due to which ten postal code areas have been put under lockdown again to contain further transmission. There has been a sudden and rapid coronavirus outbreak worsened in Melbourne, due to which currently 484 active cases have been recorded in the state of Victoria.

Failed to prevent of transmission of COVID-19

This recent number of new coronavirus cases as coronavirus outbreak worsened in Melbourne is much less than the peak time in March when the virus was initially diagnosed in the country. In this current rapid transmission of infection, the main cause of spread is local transmission in the community.

Previously, the rise in the number of coronavirus cases was due to travelers who were returned from overseas. With the help of the nationwide implementation of lockdown and personal protective measures, the number of new coronavirus cases was significantly decreased. Those travelers who were returning from overseas were implied with a mandatory 14 day stay at a hotel isolated to reduce the chances of coronavirus spreading inside the country.

But due to the breaking of rules that were implemented to follow while being under quarantine inside a hotel were broken by many of the individuals were staying and working staff management of the hotels. Around 20,000 travelers who came into the country from overseas were put under a 14 day isolation period to remove any chance of infection transmission.

The bills of the hotel rooms were paid by the government. In a recent case diagnosed with coronavirus in Victoria was traced back to the hotel working staff in which the overseas travelers were staying for their isolation period. As the coronavirus outbreak worsened in Melbourne, a private security firm has been hired to operate the statewide quarantine to prevent further spread of infection. This decision has been taken after the local government of the state of Victoria was blamed for having a faulty system and improperly trained guards that do not even have the proper personal protective equipment while on duty.

Coronavirus in Melbourne was seeded

There have been allegations that the coronavirus outbreak worsened in Melbourne was because the infectious pathogen was seeded across the state. In the first week of May, there were concerns that a coronavirus cluster was diagnosed in a group of workers on the west side of Melbourne city. Due to this cluster, further 111 coronavirus cases were diagnosed and linked back to the place by the authorities.

As the coronavirus restrictions implemented across the country were eased during the month of June, by which the general population was allowed to travel and meet with their friends and families. Restaurants, fast-food chains, and bars were opened for people to enjoy as the number of coronavirus cases was very limited across the country.

In the recent few weeks, the overall number of coronavirus cases has been significantly reduced, but due to hidden clusters of the virus in the area, the coronavirus outbreak worsened in Melbourne.

More secondary cases are believed to be present in the region that might increase the number of new coronavirus cases in the region, due to which lockdown has been re-implemented in certain areas of the state of Victoria that will help contain the further transmission of infection.

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