Coronavirus Outbreak End

Coronavirus and Three Possible Scenarios of its End

Coronavirus and Three Possible Scenarios of its End

Coronavirus is spreading, and it is affecting thousands of people. The number of affected people is large in China. Despite travel instructions from different countries, it has spread in other countries as well. Much has been told and commented on its symptoms and treatment. Prevention of the outbreak is also under discussion. But very few are discussing its end. Generally, three possible scenarios may emerge on the way of its end.

Coronavirus end through Public Health Interventions

It is an ideal scenario towards the end of coronavirus. It has already happened in the SARS case that shook the world in 2003. SARS was also a coronavirus, so public health interventions adopted to end SARS may be used in the latest coronavirus outbreak. Within a year, SARS ended. Coordination at different levels helped end SARS but some part was played by attributes of it as well.

SARS was difficult to spread until the affected person would have started showing symptoms. It was also difficult to spread outside of healthcare settings. These attributes are not similar to current coronavirus outbreak because it is more efficient to spread. So an ideal health intervention to end coronavirus may be developing vaccine but no one knows the time to materialize this ideal solution.

Coronavirus can burn itself

The virus may end in this way by burning itself. It may happen if coronavirus infects everyone or most people susceptible to it. To understand this way of ending, think coronavirus like a fire. Fire burns and extinguishes when it burns everything coming in its range. We can think of an example to help you understand this.

Let us take the example of the Zika virus that spread like an epidemic in Puerto Rico and South American in 2016. Tens of thousands of people got infected by the Zika virus that eventually burnt itself. It is still hard to think that coronavirus would burn itself in that way. To predict whether it may burn itself would be possible if one can find who is susceptible to it. For the time being, it looks that coronavirus can infect everyone who comes in a range of an affected patient.

Coronavirus becomes a Normal and Common Virus

The third scenario is also less dangerous if it becomes a normal virus. Being common, it would remain in China during suitable seasons. However, it would not cause deaths like it has been endangering the world now. So far as an example to understand this way of the end is concerned, the H1N1 flu virus is relevant. It became a global pandemic in 2009, but it became a common virus like other types of flu on a seasonal basis. Therefore, coronavirus might end up in this way as it may become a seasonal virus in China. In rare chances, it may become seasonal flu across the globe.

Coronavirus may end in any of these three scenarios, but no one can predict when it would happen. Currently, it is unpredictable and remains a threat to the world.