Coronavirus May Have Killed Over 180000 Healthcare Workers: World Health Organization

Only 2.6% of the General Population of African Has Been Fully Vaccinated, Resulting in Increased Mortality Rate

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The worldwide pandemic of coronavirus infection has severely affected the staff of healthcare providers and may have caused the death of healthcare workers from about 80,000 to 180,000, according to the World Health Organization.

The head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, stated that the healthcare workers should have the maximum priority for the administration of the vaccine made to fight against the global Covid-19 viral infection, and he has also criticized the unfairness that was observed during the distribution of vaccines in various parts of the world.

Covid-19 vaccine to underdeveloped countries

The death rate among healthcare workers has spiked between the time duration of January 2020 to the month of May of the year 2021. Sometime earlier, another senior official from the World Health Organization gave a warning regarding the lack of administration of vaccine jabs, which could possibly cause the coronavirus pandemic to continue into the next year further.

It has been estimated that about 135 million healthcare workers are present at this time around the world. Dr. Tedros stated that data had been collected from around 119 countries, which has suggested an average amount that two out of every five healthcare workers worldwide have been able to get fully vaccinated.

Although, the average amount is able to mask the differences present across multiple regions along with economic grouping throughout the world. In the region of Africa, less than one out of every 10 healthcare workers have been able to get fully vaccinated, as compared to the ratio of eight in 10 in developed nations globally.

A senior leader at the World Health Organization, Dr. Bruce Aylward, has previously highlighted the failure in the proper providing of enough number of vaccines to underdeveloped countries of the world and said that the crisis of the coronavirus pandemic could easily be dragged into the upcoming year of 2022 due to improper administration of the vaccine for the populations.

It has been reported that less than 5% of the general population of Africa has been fully vaccinated, as compared with the 40% reported in most of the other continents in the world.

The vast majority of the overall coronavirus vaccines have been majorly used in the countries that are developed or upper-middle-income nations. The region of Africa only accounts for about 2.6% of the total global administration of coronavirus vaccine, including healthcare workers.

The original planning behind the Covax initiative, which is a United Nations-backed global program for the fair distribution of vaccines globally, was to provide all the countries present across the world would be allowed to acquire the required number of vaccines from this pool, including developed nations.

But most of the nations of G7had decided to hold back from the privilege once they were able to start the manufacturing of their own deal directly with some of the major pharmaceutical firms.

Help required from wealthy nations

An appeal has been made by Dr. Aylward towards the wealthy and developed countries to give their positions in the queue made for the delivery of vaccines so that the pharmaceutical firms would be able to prioritize some of the low-income nations instead, due to the fact that even their healthcare workers are unable to get vaccinated against the viral infection.

He added that the developed countries are required to stock take where they were regarding the commitments made by them for providing donations during the major summits, including the G7 meeting, which occurred in St Ives during the summer month this year.

He further stated that currently, he is unable to provide information regarding if they are on track or not. But speeding of the entire process is required, as the coronavirus pandemic is dragged for a much longer period than it is required to.

The charity alliance named the People’s Vaccine has recently publicly released new data which suggests that only one in seven of the coronavirus vaccines doses that had been promised by the pharmaceutical firms along with the developed nations have actually been able to reach their destination in some of the poor nations of the world.

This alliance, which includes major organizations like United Nations Aids and Oxfam, have also made some criticizing comments over Canada and the United Kingdom for being able to procure a large number of vaccine doses for their own country’s general population via the Covax program.

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