Coronavirus in South Korea: Global Epidemic Is On the Rise

Will we be able to stop it before it’s too late?

Global Epidemic Is On the Rise

The novel coronavirus is spreading day by day, and it looks like it has no intention of stopping just now. After all the complications humanity is going through, the coronavirus just became the cherry on top. The human race is already going through a rough patch, i.e., overpopulation, elimination of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere leading to further secondary complications, malnutrition causing health complications are just a few out of the long list.

Coronavirus, aka COVID-19, which was first sourced back to the seafood market in Wuhan, China, has now spread to other neighboring countries and has become the cause of a global fear factor that is increasing by degrees due to the expanding number of individuals being affected. It is now being seen that there has been a major hit in the number of people being affected by a coronavirus in South Korea after the incident that occurred last Thursday.

Coronavirus in South Korea is spreading

There has been a major ascendency in the number of individuals being diagnosed and conformed to having acquired the novel coronavirus in South Korea mainly due to the incident that followed in the controversial Mega Church last week on Thursday during a Mass conducted. The main source was located and turned out to be a 61 years old woman.

The patients are now being quarantined to reduce the risk of spread of this airborne contagious virus that has up till now taken the lives of 76,000 people globally with a large number being Chinese inhabitants and now coronavirus in South Korea is also increasing rapidly despite the best efforts done by the Centre of Disease Control and prevention by South Korea.

There have been around 850 new cases reported with seven confirmed deaths by a coronavirus in South Korea, which has to lead the government to take the area in the high alert zone as not to let the novel virus from further liability of taking the lives of other individuals who are yet to be infected.

Life pace in South Korea

Due to the increasing number of cases related to carnivorous in South Korea, the whole region is giving major ghost vibes. There has been a major ban even on unnecessary domestic travel to taper off the hazards associated with the virus. Corporate offices, major international franchises are now closed for the prevention of the employees.

Schools and colleges have been closed for the last couple of weeks for an indefinite period until the virus can be contained. Multiple cafes and restaurants have shut down the facility of dine-in and are only providing the opportunity to take away or delivery. Various shopping malls across the area are deserted, which normally used to be bustling with people. A rare flicker of activity can be seen in various shops that are selling face masks and respirators, even though most of them have run out of stock.

Due to the major surge in cases of coronavirus in South Korea, the country’s football league’s Board of Directors had an emergency meeting in which they came to the conclusion of postponing this year’s seasonal match’s tournament. They even requested to the AFC Champions League to hold matches behind closed doors.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), coronavirus has now surpassed the stages of being called a pandemic and is the top priority and an international emergency. It should have been able to contain now even after all the advancements the world is achieving before it becomes a primary cause of eliminating a good percentage of the world’s population, ultimately solving the crisis revolving overpopulation.

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