Coronavirus Fuelled China-US Rivalry In Africa

Africa Is Pressured T Side towards China by the Increasing Debt

Africa Is Pressured T Side towards China by the Increasing Debt

As the continent of Africa is trying to stabilize itself for the rapid escalation of coronavirus infection inside the region, both the United States and China are declaring to be their biggest supporter. A lot is at stake as coronavirus fuelled China-US rivalry in Africa. The United State Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave a statement which said that the US is the most support countries towards the underdeveloped region of Africa amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Massive rivalry between US and China

The United States is trying to re-establish its credibility after completely stopping the funding of the World Health Organization after the agency was unable to contain the spreading pathogen within thirty days, as ordered by President Trump.

The United States President Donald Trump is trying to help several African countries as the region does not have adequate medical equipment to combat against the coronavirus surge. As the number of cases is about to rapidly increase in the region, the outbreak of coronavirus fuelled China-US rivalry in Africa.

To help the area is a severe crisis, United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has announced to provide $170 million in aid to support and stabilize Africa. To counter this, the Chinese government has offered to provide more than this amount to reinforce the region against the coronavirus pandemic. The entire funding from China is provided by a single Chinese billionaire Jack Ma.

The coronavirus fuelled China-US rivalry in Africa as the region has become a small part of the cold war between the United States and China. An article was published in a Chinese newspaper about Africa, providing verification that Africa has become a substantial part of the competitiveness and proxy conflict between China and the United States.

Solid Political System VS multi-party democracy

A renowned United States magazine published an article that has stated that the solid political system of China is the alleged cause of the spread of coronavirus in China. The article further explained that African countries should end their experimentation with multiple party democracy, which is usually implied in the West.

This experimentation has resulted in an extreme loss as the region is suffering from inequality, religious and ethnic divisions along with extreme violence. The consequences have led to excessive destruction of property and lives. Instead, the African region should follow the Chinese regulation of one-party state.

Another article in a Chinese newspaper, China Daily, has complimented the investment of China in multiple African countries that will boost the infrastructure of the region as coronavirus fuelled China-US rivalry in Africa. The support from China will help Africa to recover from hundreds of years of slavery, colonialism, and now recently coronavirus pandemic.

To counter these actions, Mike Pompeo said that Africa could not recover from this massive amount of debt from China, as it would require years and a harmful impact on the general population of the region. When asked about the multiple treatments for coronavirus by President Trump, which is not completely good for the human body, Mike Pompeo said that Trump’s public suggestions are clearly misunderstood by the general population of the world.

The United States has helped Africa multiple times to promote the healthcare system of the country.  As the African region is slightly growing, China is using the cover of coronavirus to encourage and advance its political agenda as coronavirus fuelled China-US rivalry in Africa is escalating.

As the region is under the immense strain of the growing loan and debt from China, multiple governments of the region might be tempted to desert the multi-party democracy of the United States and adopt the Chinese political system across the region after coronavirus fuelled China-US rivalry in Africa.

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